Mommy is 34!

Story told by: Henry

Mommy turned 34 on March 14th! We had a great day celebrating!

Brody woke up extra early to spend every second with the birthday girl.

Grandma and Grandpa were rock stars. They took all of us to school while Mommy got to cozy up under a blanket and read a book at home. Then they returned with a birthday coffee for Mommy!

After we were done with preschool, we went to Lumberyard for a yummy lunch for Mommy.

I was especially excited to play the Lumberyard video game. I beat Grandma and Brody.

I was also convinced I’d beat Mommy. I won the first two rounds, but then Mommy beat me the third time. I guess the birthday girl should win at least one round.

Daddy is going to work on painting the guest room in the next few weeks, so we went to pick out a few paint samples.

While the ladies shopped, we ate the free popcorn and hung out on lawn mowers with Grandpa.

When we got home, Grandpa started shoveling out the driveway so he could get the grill out for dinner.

And then Grandpa grilled some delicious steaks and asparagus in the snow!

While the adults cleaned up dinner, Lainey created a surprise for Mommy.

A delicious chocolate chip cream cheese cake. Soooo good that Mommy had two pieces!

Then it was time for presents. I could barely wait for Mommy to open my present. I told her the day before her birthday, “Mom, you’re going to love my present because you won’t have to worry about scratching your back ever again.” Mommy must have been so relieved when she opened my back scratcher. (Because of my excitement, this was Mommy’s favorite present.)

For most of present-opening, I sat there and scratched Mommy’s back.

Lainey was really excited to give Mommy new slippers.

An electric wine opener from Grandma and Grandpa.

A new tray for the top of the ottoman.

And Mommy was very surprised to open new couch pillow covers that Grandma had made for her. This was after Mommy had been talking all week about wanting to get out to buy new pillows for the couches. Grandma was trying to prevent Mommy from going shopping because Grandma knew what was coming.

So cute!!

That night I had wrestling, so Grandpa came to watch me while Mommy and Grandma met friends for quick drinks and dessert. Carrot cake was Mommy’s choice!

Mrs. O’Loughlin’s birthday is the day after Mommy’s, so they both got free dessert!

This laughter was the perfect end to a great day for Mommy. Mommy feels very blessed by great family and great friends.

My Seventh Birthday

Story told by: Lainey

I was so excited to turn seven! Unfortunately I was hit with a stomach bug a couple of days before my birthday and it lasted for five days.

On the morning of my birthday, I requested this birthday song, but as you can see, I just wasn’t feeling great after almost 48 hours of vomiting.

My morning was spent at the doctor’s office. They had some big concerns about dehydration, so they gave me Zofran to allow me to hydrate and to keep me out of the hospital.

Zofran was a lifesaver!! Within 20 minutes, I perked up, stopped vomiting, and asked for a few sips of water. I was able to do a craft with Grandma.

And read a book.

I didn’t want to even look at food, but I did want to open presents. Henry was really excited to give me this Rubik’s Cube that I’d requested.

Gma and Gpa gave me this new American Girl doll. Thank you!

A Baby Alive doll from Grandma and Grandpa!

I have no idea who sent this shirt (there wasn’t a note in the package), but I love it!

Books from the Campbells! I’m loving mysteries right now.

And boots from Na Na and Ba Ba. My favorite part about these boots is that they have a little heel. My first reaction when I opened them, “I’ve been wanting heels!!”

Mommy thinks I look SO OLD in this picture!

A great blanket-making kit from the Spotanskis!

And new dance pants! After this, everyone ate a quick dinner and rushed off for the boys’ art show. I rested and started to feel much worse again as the medicine began to wear off. So I got a new dose and went to bed!

After yet another dose of medicine the next morning, I had enough pep in my step to play a new game I got for my birthday.

I asked Mommy to take this picture and label it, “Cowgirl Mama.” I’ve barely taken off these new cowgirl boots. I had some just like them when I was younger and I wore them until my toes were scrunched up inside. Mommy suspected I might like new ones, and I LOVE them!

Grandma and I started working on my blanket. I love it!

And finally, five days after the stomach bug started (and three days after my birthday), I woke up feeling better and hungry!!! We decided that it wouldn’t officially be March 8th until I was better, so on Monday, we officially celebrated me being seven!

I lost seven pounds from not eating and vomiting (and weighed as much as Henry), so Mommy let me eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

Brody and I got to watch a movie together while Henry was at preschool.

And I was proud to show how many fingers I can now put up.

Coming along on the blanket.

I finally got my requested birthday dinner of tacos.

I really, really like tacos.

And I also got my yummy chocolate peanut butter cake.

So happy to finally be seven!! (And also not to be sick anymore!)

Preschool Art Show, 2019

Story told by: Brody

Henry and I had our preschool art show last night! Grandma and Grandpa came into town the night before, so they got to join us. (Lainey has been really sick, so Daddy stayed home with her.)

The theme of this art show was shapes.

Our art was hung up all over the church, so we got to walk around to find it and show our adults.

Henry’s self-portrait.

My self-portrait.

After showing off all of our art, we went downstairs for some delicious snacks and to play with friends.

I found my Chloe.

Chocolate-covered face.

And Mommy found a couple of her friends.

One last picture before we started melting down and had to get out of there. Another successful art show!!

My Seventh Birthday Party!

Story told by: Lainey

I turn seven on March 8th, so today I got to have my birthday party with friends a little early!

For the first time ever, I wanted to have my birthday party out of the house!

I love art a lot, so my request was to go to Wild at Art in Moscow to paint pottery.

Since there are tons of breakable things in the studio, we got a babysitter for the boys and I got all of Mommy’s and Daddy’s attention!

We arrived a few minutes early to decorate the space.

And then my friends arrived! Since the pottery pieces were a little more expensive, Mommy told me I could only pick four friends. That was tough for me to do, but I narrowed it down to some great girls. (From left to right…Cece, Ivy, Ani, and Niki.)

First came the hard part of deciding what to paint.

After a quick tutorial, we got to work on our items!

I chose a princess for my project.

While we waited for paint to dry before doing another coat, Mommy had some fun coloring pages and an “All About Lainey” word search to do.

Easiest birthday party EVER for Mommy and Daddy. They did have to help quite a bit, but also enjoyed some time for coffee.

My present from Wild at Art is an awesome birthday plate. My friends and I got to put our fingerprints on it, and the Wild at Art employees will write our names by the fingerprints. Then they’ll put it in the kiln and I’ll get an awesome plate! I love it so much!

After finishing our painting, it was time for cupcakes!

Present time!

Our finished products! They’ll fire these in the kiln, and then we’ll pick them up in about a week. Thank you so much to my sweet friends for coming to celebrate with me. I’m so lucky to have you girls as good friends.

Big Cat Battle, 2019

Story told by: Henry

I had my first wrestling tournament of the season at Mead High School in Spokane this past Saturday! I miss the age cutoff for most of the Washington wrestling tournaments by 17 days, but both this tournament and one in April are considered “open” tournaments, so I can do both of those. By doing this, it means I’m one of the youngest kids out there, but it doesn’t phase me one bit!

Because of snow and ice on the roads, we went up on Friday afternoon as opposed to driving up at 5 a.m. on Saturday. We tried to eat at Red Robin or Olive Garden since we don’t have those in Pullman, but the wait times there were over 30 minutes, so….Applebee’s it was.

We were being pretty silly.

The girls’ response to “those crazy boys.”

Caleb was doing the tournament as well, so the Knights stayed in the hotel with us. And the O’Loughlins wanted to come watch us and join in on the fun, so they also joined. We all dumped our bags in our rooms, quickly changed, and met in the pool!

After an hour in the pool, we watched the ending of a movie, and then went straight to bed because I had an early weigh-in the next morning!

Up and ready to leave at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday.

With all of our friends at the hotel, we were able to tag team it. Daddy and I went with Caleb, Sean, and Sarah to save seats and weigh in at 7.

Since wrestling wouldn’t start until 9:30, everyone else stayed behind to eat breakfast and watch cartoons before being confined to the gym all day.

Brody had a giant waffle and fruit loops for breakfast. (He was obviously living the hotel dream life.)

Once the rest of the crew did a coffee run for everyone, they arrived ready for some wrestling!

Me and my six-year-old buddies.

Mrs. O’Loughlin made sure to sneak in lots of pictures with us on our devices. She’s so silly.

There were 630 wrestlers at this tournament, which makes it the biggest tournament I’ve ever been in.

Getting my game face on.

Almost go time!

With my buddies Pierce, Sonny, and Truman back in the pairing room, which is where we go to wait to be matched up with whoever we’ll be wrestling.

I was the first wrestler of the whole tournament to be called out! I got to go right away, and I won this match! I didn’t pin him, but I instead won by points.

I was wrestling all six-year-olds, and this kid was only three pounds heavier than me, but quite a bit taller. I fought hard, but lost this match. (This kid ended up taking second place.)

In between matches, we mostly ate, watched shows, and did pipe cleaner crafts.

Lainey playing UNO with Caleb.

Brody’s buddy from preschool, Eliana, has a big brother wrestling, so they had lots of fun together.

I fought hard again, but also lost match three. (This kid ended up taking first place.)

I won match four by pinning this guy!!

While we were waiting for awards, Lainey found her buddy, Damien. They were born one day apart at Pullman Regional Hospital. He used to live in Pullman and our families all went to church together, but now his family lives in Spokane. It was fun to see them!

I had a bye for the last match, and after waiting for results, it was determined I got a bronze medal!

Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of me for not giving up! I just did my best and kept trying!

In the Idaho tournaments last fall, I got all gold medals and one silver medal. But of all my medals, this bronze medal is the medal I had to fight for the most. I earned every bit of this medal!

We left the tournament around 5, grabbed dinner to go, and hit the road to head home. Brody was the first one out (note the sucker still in hand).

I wasn’t far behind Brody.

Lainey didn’t fall asleep, but she also didn’t want to be left out of picture taking.

I’ll continue to attend practices for the next couple of months, and then I’ll be put to the test again in the April tournament. I can’t wait! (And special thanks to the O’Loughlins and Knights for being such a fantastic cheering team!!)

I’m Five!!!

Story told by: Henry

It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!

We started my birthday with a slumber party last night. We spread out our pillow beds on the floor and stayed up way too late. But it was awesome!

I was beyond excited to wake up to two things that five-year-olds get in this house – allowance and gum!!

By the end of the day, I’d had at least 20 pieces of gum. In fact, Mommy barely has any pictures of me today without a big wad of gum in my mouth.

Lainey made me a fun birthday crown.

I had my requested birthday breakfast of a muffin and bacon.

Then I wanted to play Chutes and Ladders.

And then outside to play in the snow and the beautiful sunshine!

I really wanted Mommy to capture this snow angel video.

There’s my snow angel!

Inside to warm up with hot chocolate.

While talking to Na Na and Ba Ba this morning, I opened their present – some awesome building straws. We made this fun space ship. Thank you!

My lunch of choice was McDonald’s.

And we never knew this until today…apparently the Happy Meals come with mini ice cream cones. Mind blown!

Next was my birthday party at Planet 3 (a trampoline park) with my friends!

Since today was President’s Day, none of us had school, so we could all enjoy jumping in the middle of the day!

Des and I requested this slo-mo video.

My favorite area was the dodgeball area.

Daniel and I battled. “We both winned and we both losed.”

After we jumped for an hour, it was time for presents and cupcakes.

Our amazing cupcake lady made these cupcakes (with my favorite color, green, of course)!

They were delicious!

We were originally going to decorate with a bunch of helium-filled balloons, but when we stopped at the store on our way to the party, they only had enough helium for one balloon. So I got one helium-filled football balloon, and then we got some random decorations to throw up on the walls. With our input, decorations got a little haphazard, but I loved it!

Time for presents!

And we ended our time by playing games. It was such a great party, and I’m so grateful to my sweet friends who came to join!

After stopping for strong coffee for Mommy and Daddy, we came home for me to open presents from my family. I wore my shark blanket that Weston gave me for most of opening presents.

Mommy and Daddy got me a Tooth Fairy pillow!

The Spotanskis got me some new Perler beads. Thank you!

The Campbells gave me a great wrestling picture frame. Thank you!

Legos from Gma and Gpa.

Gma and Gpa also got me an awesome new bag for wrestling!

And they also got me my own wrestling head gear. Thank you!

A common theme for today is wrestling…a new shirt from Mommy and Daddy.

Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt got me another great wrestling shirt. Thank you!

We spent the afternoon playing with all of my new toys!

Then Mommy made my favorite dinner – spaghetti and garlic bread!

And another cupcake for dessert!

I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. I had such a fantastic day. Mommy is so proud of the kind, caring boy that I am. Here’s to a great year as a five-year-old!

Valentine’s Day, 2019

Story told by: Henry

We have had a great Valentine’s week!

The snow just keeps coming down! We helped Mommy shovel for approximately 30 seconds before we abandoned her to play in the snow.

Lainey had two days completely canceled this week, and we only had one day of actual preschool this week. The snow has made this pile huge. And we’re loving it!

Brody loves baking with Mommy, so he helped her make chocolate chip heart-shaped muffins.

Wednesday morning was my Heart Cafe at preschool. Unfortunately preschool was canceled because of a Pullman schools two-hour delay, but because of all the hard work of my teachers, they pushed the Heart Cafe back by two hours and made it happen! We drove slooooooooow to get there, but we made it!

Colton was completely canceled that day, so Lainey got to join us!

We had fun sitting with the Olsen family.

With the time change, Daddy couldn’t make it, but we still had quite a bit of fun!

We got to sit right next to the Knights.

Me and my wonderful teacher, Mrs. O’Loughlin.

She made me my very own set of egg-free muffins. I love her.

We played Bingo for quite awhile with Sarah.

We stayed afterwards to help with cleanup, and we managed to get a picture of all of the Concordia kids! This is one fun crew!

When we came home, we were right back out in the snow. Brody stayed out for a couple of hours, and Lainey and I stayed out for 3 1/2 hours.

Rowan came to play with us for awhile.

I made some awesome sledding paths out of the giant hill.

Lainey and I spent a long time working on our igloos. We made this one bigger so it could be for both me and Brody.

And Lainey’s igloo is smaller, so it’s perfect for just her.

Today for Valentine’s Day we woke up to heart-shaped muffins and bacon hearts for breakfast!

I was the smart one and slept in until 7:15.

Mommy put some fun hearts in Lainey’s hair.

Brody and I also made sure to carefully pick out red, festive clothes.

Today was the day for Brody’s class at the Heart Cafe (while I went to preschool).

Daddy got to join in on this day!

Bingo together!

Eliana came over to play with Brody for awhile.

And then Brody decorated Daddy’s face.

After Lainey got home from school, we dumped out our loot from the day.

Mommy got the heart-shaped meatloaf in the oven and got the table ready for our annual dinner.

We had fun little gifts from Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and Na Na and Ba Ba.

We had our heart-shaped meatloaf, pink mashed potatoes, asparagus, and heart-shaped strawberries (Lainey said they also looked like “V” for Valentine’s Day).

The first thing we got was a photo book from Grandma and Grandpa with tons of pictures of us throughout the years. We loved this!!

Lainey got each of us a new Hot Wheels car.

We each got a new shirt (or two)!

Daddy got Mommy some new coasters she’s really been wanting. Beautiful views of the Palouse!

Lainey got Mommy a coffee card.

And Lainey made Daddy a card.

We ended the night with a delicious strawberry jello fluff dessert.

Brody was not impressed by this dessert, though.

I, however, gobbled it all up (and then Daddy and I ran out the door to wrestling). Such a great week of love!