The Best Day of Best Days!! (ESPN College GameDay, First Wrestling Tournament, and Beating the Ducks!!)

Story told by: Henry

For the first time ever, ESPN College GameDay announced they were coming to Pullman for the WSU vs. Oregon game! And there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY we were going to miss this!!!

Mommy and Daddy woke up at 4 a.m.

Lainey and the rest of us were up shortly after that.

Lainey announced that this was “the biggest day of our life.” Not an exaggeration.

As we got closer to campus at 5:30 a.m., we could hear the rumbling of the crowd. ESPN predicted there were close to 30,000 people there. AMAZING!!

I enjoyed waving the flag. Ol’ Crimson (the Cougar flag) has been waved for the past 15 years at every ESPN College GameDay across the country. So you’d better believe that there was hundreds upon hundreds of Cougar flags this morning.

Lainey loved waving her sign that she made.

And Brody loved whining/crying while laying face down on the ground. You can tell he especially loved this experience.

We found the Evanoffs in the midst of the crowd!

There are no words to explain what it’s like to be a Cougar fan. The crowd is the biggest College GameDay has ever had. Several of the announcers said this might be their most favorite show yet. LOVE IT!! Cougar nation is so proud.

We could only stay at GameDay until 7 a.m. because I had my first wrestling tournament in Potlatch! Go Pullman Hornets!

After I weighed in, we hung out in the bleachers until it was my turn.

I was in group one, which is the youngest group.

Lainey and Brody got in a lot of Kindle time today. There were 287 kids in this tournament, so it was a loooooong day.

Here is match one. There are typically three rounds in a match, unless you get pinned. Then you automatically win. (However in my group with the little guys, even if you get pinned, they let us go through the full three rounds so we can experience it.) I pinned my opponent in rounds two and three. I won this match!

Hanging out with Daddy in between matches.

Don’t all great wrestlers color to unwind?

Match two. You can hear my coaches helping me out. I never pinned him, but I ended up with the most points at the end of round three, so I won this round!

The cutest wrestler there ever could be. (Or at least that’s what Mommy thinks.)

My third and final match! I pinned my opponent in the third round (and also had the most points), so I won. This means I got first place in my age group!!!

Signing my paper with one of my coaches after my last match. Mommy had to leave at 2:15 to get Brody back home to the babysitter. Daddy waited with me until 3:45 with the hopes I’d get to claim my first place medal at the award ceremony, but the tournament still wasn’t over, and the Cougar game was starting soon. So my coach said he’d grab it for me, and we jetted off to meet Mommy and Lainey in Pullman. This was a GREAT first tournament!!

We were hustling, and managed to only miss the first minute of the Cougar game. (Mommy and Daddy gave each other big high fives when we made it to our seats. Phew!)

The Oregon Ducks were ranked #12 and the Cougs were #25. This game got INTENSE, so we helped by making lots of noise.

We were up 27-0 at halftime, but we really thought about letting the Ducks win in the third quarter. So by the fourth quarter, the Cougs needed us!

My intense yelling face. I mean business.

And guess what?!?! We did it!!!! Cougs win!!!!!

Everyone rushed the field, so we didn’t want to miss out!!

We even got a picture with running back, Max Borghi, who is one of the most talented true freshman we’ve had in a long time! We woke up today to find out that we’re now #14. GO COUGS!!!!

This was easily one of the most exciting days Pullman has ever seen. And one of our favorite days. ESPN College GameDay, winning my wrestling tournament, and watching the Cougs beat the Ducks for the fourth year in a row! Doesn’t get much better than this!!!!

Fall! Fall! Fun, Fun Fall!

Story told by: Lainey

As much as we miss summer, we really love fall! So many great things happen in these fall months!

This past week was spirit week at my school. Friday was blue and white day, so I went all out!

After school on Friday, we got to make festive perler bead crafts.

On Friday night, Mommy had a bunch of friends over for Bunco. Boy, oh boy, did they have fun!

When you got a bunco, you had to wear these wolf ears.

Most of the women are from Pullman, but here’s the fantastic Colton crew.

Mommy and Christy tried multiple times for pictures, but there was just too much to laugh about.

The next morning I said to Mommy, “Mom, you guys were SO loud last night. You should never play Bunco in a restaurant because that would be very embarrassing for you.” Mommy laughed, but I mean it. Don’t take that show on the road.

On Saturday morning (after Henry got back from wrestling), we headed over to the Colton pumpkin patch. The money earned from the pumpkin patch goes to buy new lights each year for the Colton Christmas display.

On the hunt!

Henry just had to have the biggest one!

I heard at school that they were going to have something called a blue pumpkin, so I just knew I had to have one of those. Here is my blue pumpkin!

Brody’s pumpkin!

Pumpkin patch was a success!

We had to work together to get this heavy load home. (Mommy and Daddy strolled casually behind us while holding hands. And not even breaking a sweat. Not cool.)

This hill was the hardest part.

But we made it home! We’ll carve these pumpkins in a couple of weeks!

We had time for coloring some Halloween masks on Saturday evening.

Scary! (Notice Brody’s missing stick. He managed to break his mask in the five minutes since we stopped coloring.)

We’ve had a blast BOOing people this year. The basic idea is that you anonymously leave treats at someone’s door, ring the door bell, and run away. Saturday night was our seventh (and final) BOO. We filled this bucket with supplies to make Halloween cupcakes, kid activities/art projects, fall hand soap, and lots of candy.

This one was extra fun because Daddy was home to do it with us. He could be our getaway driver, while Mommy came with us. We didn’t get caught (which we can’t say for every BOO we’ve tried)!

One of the big highlights of the weekend for Mommy and Daddy is that after Oregon beat UW (which is already great), ESPN College GameDay announced that for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!, they’re coming to Pullman for the WSU vs. Oregon game next weekend. You better believe that we will be there bright and early (even though we can’t stay for long because of Henry’s first wrestling tournament)!!

After church today, we headed down to Wilson Banner Ranch in Clarkston for a fun fall festival.

We loved climbing the giant hay bales.

Henry especially loved this obstacle course.

Brody’s favorite part was this giant bear, but insisted on hiding in the shadows for the picture. Can you find him?

My favorite part was this hay maze! (Notice my dance pose and Henry’s wrestling pose in this picture.)

Made it to the end of the hay maze. And then we did it ten more times!

We had a lot of fun in this hay jump.

We found Mater from “Cars.”

Our last activity was a wagon ride pulled by mules. They took us all around the ranch!

On our way out, I took this nice picture of Mommy and Daddy.

We had a woman offer to take our family picture. But where’s Henry you ask? Oh just throwing a massive temper tantrum. It wouldn’t be a true family outing without a fit. Overall, though, still a fun and perfect fall weekend!!

My First Football Game!

Story told by: Brody

In our house, a very exciting thing happens once you’re three years old – you get to go to your first Cougar football game!! That means it was time for my first game this past Saturday!!

I started the day out with a bang by waking up at 5:15. Never a good sign. Lainey started the day out with a bang by making a sign for the Cougs.

Once we got to campus that afternoon, we checked out some cool virtual reality. (And by “we,” I mean Lainey and Henry. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.)

We next went to Cougville for the fun kid activities.

My favorite was this Butch bouncy house.

I loved it so much that when it was time to leave (and snag this quick family picture), I wouldn’t even put on my shoes because I. WASN’T. DONE.

The temper tantrum continued into the stadium. But quickly morphed into me being mad about passing the regular popcorn stands (when Mommy and Daddy were really try to get to the caramel corn stand…but I wasn’t in the mood for listening to logic).

I begged for these glasses, but then didn’t want them anywhere near me!

Lainey and Henry rocked them, though.

While waiting for the game to start, I went on a walk with Daddy and Lainey while Mommy and Henry held down the fort.

Almost game time!

Before the game even started, I was asking when we could leave. Great start.

Mommy and Daddy initially hoped to wait to open the popcorn in the second quarter, but they made it two minutes into the first quarter before I wore them down.

Lainey was an excellent football watcher. (A bit of a showoff if you ask me.)

I was all over the place. My favorite spot was to be in between Mommy’s or Daddy’s legs kicking the people in front of us. (They must have loved my footprints on their back.) A close second favorite was to be whining and crying while kicking my siblings.

Lainey’s “Go Cougs” signs.

Literally THE ONLY smiling picture of me from the entire game. (And I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s half time and I knew hot dogs were coming.)

A blessed quiet five minutes for Mommy and Daddy.

Henry took a little break in the third quarter to do some coloring.

I did some coloring as well, but I mostly just enjoyed throwing my markers. And crying.

The last five minutes of the game were intense! We were all yelling. (Okay, full disclosure, Mommy, Lainey, Henry, and Daddy were yelling to make the stadium loud for Utah. I was yelling because I was mad and done. But Mommy and Daddy congratulated me on yelling for Utah. Whatever.) The positive…Cougs won in a come-from-behind victory!!

Big shocker…I was asleep within two minutes of driving away from campus. When I got home I said, “That was so much fun. I loved it.” The adults didn’t seem to believe me. Not one bit.

Once we were in bed, this is what Mommy and Daddy opened. They also vowed that I will not be going to any football games in the near future. Or maybe ever.

And just in case they weren’t clear about how fun I was at sporting events, we tried a Cougar volleyball game after church today. And yep, sure enough…it’s confirmed that I’m THE WORST at any and all sporting events. But, once we’re home, I tell everyone how much fun I had, so at least that’s something.

Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

Story told by: Henry

We got to spend the past ten days with Grandma and Grandpa! It was a great visit.

On their first morning here, my request was to eat bananas in my cereal just like Grandpa.

I went to preschool, and everyone else walked Lainey to school. On their way, Brody found a giant dandelion.

In honor of their first day here, us kids insisted that everyone match in their Cardinals shirts.

We loved playing “Alligator” with Grandpa.

Brody loved having a reading buddy.

And Mommy loved having a puzzle buddy.

On day two, Grandpa took Lainey on a breakfast date to Old European.

And then a Wal-Mart stop to pick out a new toy.

And Grandpa was the Saturday morning hero when he returned with coffee for everyone.

Lainey and her new toy.

We tried Shrinky Dinks for the first time.

They got so small! We loved them!

On Saturday afternoon, we hung out with Taylor while the adults went to cheer on the Cougs as they played Eastern Washington.

The Cougs had a convincing win, so everyone was happy!

On Sunday, Brody convinced Grandpa to come up front for the children’s message. (Brody may have Grandpa wrapped around his finger.)

After church we went to cheer on the Cougar soccer team as they played Cal Poly.

Brody is getting pretty good at the WSU fight song.

Brody’s favorite mascot was there!

Halftime entertainment. The Cougs won!

We are all loving games right now, so Grandma and Grandpa were constantly playing them with us.

While Lainey and I were at school on Monday, Grandpa took Brody on a date. Their first stop was at Wal-Mart, and instead of a toy, Brody wanted a new game.

And next they went to Southfork for lunch.

Grandma and Mommy completed their puzzle on Monday afternoon!

But before it was done, Grandma caused some problems.

After we picked Lainey up from school, we went to Ferdinand’s to see Taylor one last time before she heads off to college.

We are really going to miss her!! But we’re also so excited for her!

Playing Brody’s new game!

While all of us were at school on Tuesday, the adults went thrift store hunting to find this table to make into a LEGO table. They started by sanding it, and then painting it white.

Grandma introduced Lainey to paper fortune tellers.

Mommy didn’t like her results.

On Tuesday night, I got to start wrestling!! I’ve been asking to do this for a year, and I’m finally old enough.

Daddy took me on the first night, and sent Mommy some pictures.

On Wednesday morning, the adults got to go watch Brody at gymnastics.

Grandpa briefly left for a quick coffee run. Hurray for Grandpa!

Then it was finally turn for my date after school!

Pizza for lunch!

Then Wal-Mart for a toy.

I knew right away that I had to have this remote control race car.

On Wednesday night, Grandma and Grandpa got to come check out what we do at AWANA. Here is a video of the song portion of our night.

On Thursday afternoon, the girls all went to get coffee and pedicures.

While the girls were having fun, we were having even more fun at the playground with Grandpa.

That night, Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa took me to wrestling. I’m the youngest out there, but it doesn’t phase me one bit.

I have a lot to learn about wrestling (so do Mommy and Daddy), but I am so focused and excited about it. Mommy and Daddy are super proud of how hard I’m working.

On Friday morning, Brody got in some games with the adults.

On Friday afternoon, Grandpa and I played tons of games.

Snack on the play structure.

Lainey in her silly fake glasses moments before doing her 20 minutes of daily reading with Grandma.

Grandma helped Lainey figure out her Spirograph.

Mommy and Grandma managed to do two 1,000-piece puzzles in a week. Puzzling champs!

The Cougs had an away game against USC on Friday night. (Lainey got to stay up for the first quarter.) It did not end well (and it may have taken Mommy and Daddy 24 hours to get over it), but we’re ready to watch them win at home this Saturday!

There is a yummy new bakery in Uniontown, so Grandpa went over there on Saturday morning to get some treats.

Grandma’s good friend, Gina, came to visit on Saturday, so we stayed busy with other things. We started by going to Costco with Mommy, and then came home to pick the apples off our trees.

Can you spy the Brody nibbles on the apples?

On Saturday afternoon, we went to celebrate Ashley (one of our sweet babysitters) and Elias getting married. Ashley looked beautiful!

The Smarts were also there, so we got in lots of fun playground time with them.

We even had our very own kids’ table!

After the wedding, it was a group effort for the adults to get the lego base plates precisely glued on.

After church on Sunday, one last favorite stop before leaving town – Sella’s!

Brody and I had our own special table.

We got up to Spokane with some time to play in River Park Square.

We are so grateful for the time we got to spend with Grandma and Grandpa!!

Their flight was leaving at 6 a.m. today, so after a Red Robin dinner, we had to drop them off at their hotel last night. And we were very, very sad. Brody couldn’t stop crying, which was breaking Mommy’s heart, so she stopped and bought us candy to cheer all of us up. It worked.

And after letting the base plates dry for 24 hours, the LEGO table is complete!

We love it! (Oh, and also note the fun wall hangings Grandma helped to hang in our room!)

Our First Day of Preschool!

Story told by: Brody

After waiting three years for my turn, I got to start preschool today!! And Henry got to start his second year of preschool!

As is our family tradition, we get to pick out any kind of cereal we want for our first day of school. I picked Cocoa Puffs! It must have been our lucky day because the store only had the family size box of that cereal.

And Henry wanted the same kind, so now we have two giant boxes of Coca Puffs!

I was the first one to get to take my picture.

I was feeling very silly and excited.

I’m pretty insistent on being a “not scary robot” in the future. Seems like a reasonable life goal.

Henry has stayed pretty consistent with his life goal of wanting to be a driver of some dangerous/fast vehicle.

Backpacks on!

Ready to go!

Mommy wanted to attempt a picture in front of the preschool sign, but we really weren’t feeling it.

Nope. Not happening.

Henry’s class is upstairs, and starts 15 minutes before mine, so we went to his room first. He got a picture with his teacher (who was also his teacher last year), Mrs. O’Loughlin.

And his assistant teacher, Miss Stahlecker. We love both of these teachers so much!

Henry will be in preschool five mornings a week, so he’ll spend lots of time in this classroom.

After waiting for a few minutes, it was my turn! Here is my teacher, Mrs. King. I get to be in preschool with her two mornings a week.

And here is my assistant teacher, Miss Tietjen. They are both really nice!

I tend to be a little more timid, so Mommy wasn’t sure how I would do with drop off, but she didn’t need to fear because I rocked it. I gave her a big hug and sat down right away to do some work. No hesitation or tears! I’ve got this.

Two hours, fifteen minutes!!! That is how long Mommy gets to herself on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. FIRST. TIME. WITH. NO. CHILDREN. And she soaked it up!! First up, peaceful strolling around the grocery store.

Followed by a snack, coffee, and a book. GLORIOUS!!!!!

While Mommy was basking in the quiet, we were having a blast at preschool. Here are some of Henry’s pictures she received.

Henry was very proud of this fort.

Henry really enjoys getting to be in class with his buddies, Desmond and Elijah.

Here is a snapshot of Henry’s first day.

And here are some pictures from my day.

And a snapshot of my day! I loved it! (But when Mommy arrived, I warmed her heart by giving her a giant hug and saying, “I missed you so much, Mommy!”) Here’s to a great year!

My First Day of First Grade!

Story told by: Lainey

Although I didn’t want summer to end, I was very excited to wake up and head to first grade today!!

We always get to pick out a box of cereal for our first day of school, so I naturally chose the Costco box of unicorn cereal.

Moments after picking out the cereal at Costco, I walked past this outfit and just knew I had to have it for my first day as well. (Mommy even agreed that it was pretty darn cute.)

I recently changed my life goals from being a sheep farmer to being a mom and a barista. (Mommy is not too heartbroken at the thought of not having to raise livestock.)

Ready to go!

I’m in a first/second grade combo class!

I get to have the wonderful Mrs. Nelson as my teacher. Mommy knows Mrs. Nelson from when they both taught in Pullman. This is Mrs. Nelson’s first year in Colton, and we’re thrilled to have her! (She has a son who will be with Henry in kindergarten next year.)

After a fantastic first day, Mommy and the boys were so excited to see me! I’m tired, but I loved every bit of it.

Here are my thoughts on my first day. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Summer Highlights – Part Two

Story told by: Lainey

The rest of our summer highlights that haven’t made it on the blog!

Brody is very proud to announce that he can now climb to the top of the spider web. He’s enjoying keeping up with Henry.

Lounging by the side of the pool.

I lost my sixth tooth!

Mommy’s favorite summer spot – the Foundry patio with good friends.

I got to do a week of cheerleading camp!

Showing off my moves with Nora and Lucy.

When Alaska meets a Disney princess.

Mommy had made an appointment for me to get a hair trim. But I decided that I wanted to go short!

I love it!!

And I requested a picture with Mommy because now we’re twins.

Concert in the Park and ice cream with Nora and Lucy.

Henry mastered the monkey bars!!

And a special Spokane back-to-school girls’ shopping date. We started with yummy drinks at Daily Grind.

A busy afternoon!!

I brought my money to buy a new doll at Target.

School supplies!

A jacket in Target that I just had to have. I PROMISED Mommy that I would actually wear it.

And a yummy dinner before heading home!

The boys’ bed makes for perfect forts.

We know the summer is nearing an end when one of our favorite events arrives…The Lentil Festival!

Checking out the fire truck.

A picture with one of our favorite firefighters (and old neighbors), Tony.

Ice cream after Lentil Festival.

Saturday morning, ready for the Lentil Festival Parade!

We found Slinky at the parade, and he has some awesome new Coug clothes.

The O’Loughlins bought a new house, and it came with a hot tub! We got to enjoy it at their housewarming party.

Mommy with Liz and Sarah.

The Mangolds live in Houston now, but while visiting family in Seattle, they made a special trip to Pullman to visit us!!

Kate and I were best buddies for the first couple years of our lives, and we quickly picked up right where we left off.

Mommy and Jennisa.

Check out my high dive action at the pool. My first time!

Daddy had to go to Boise on a work trip. Since we only had a few nights left of being able to stay up late, Mommy put the boys to bed, and we had special girls’ night watching “The Greatest Showman.”

Brody did some decorating. And then some cleaning.

The Grunenfelders live near Seattle, and also came to visit for a night. Pictures from our hike up Kamiak Butte.

Crafting with Emma.

Painting rocks we collected on our hike.

Emma and I got to have a sleepover!

At the beginning of the summer I created a podcast on animals as my summer project. (It’s called “Learning with Lainey,” and you can find it on your favorite podcast app.) My last episode was about cougars, and since we’re HUGE WSU Cougar fans, I had to include a little about our favorite team. I got to interview Coug legend, Jason Gesser, for my last episode. It was so much fun!!

We had a yummy breakfast at the Co-Op.

When the afternoon activity is left up to me, this is what I choose.

For the second to last day of summer, we requested a lazy day. We didn’t change out of our pajamas all day.

And we watched three movies. We kept telling Mommy that it was the best day ever.

And for today, our final day of summer, we first requested Planet 3 Trampoline Park.

After working up quite the appetite at Planet 3, we went to Wendy’s for lunch.

Mommy wasn’t planning on eating lunch out, but when a friend told her about 50-cent Frosties, she knew we had to do it.

Brody especially loved his Frosty.

This afternoon we watched a movie, and then went outside to enjoy the perfect fort-building weather!

Tonight was back-to-school night (and Mommy failed to take any pictures). I got to bring in my supplies, see my classroom, meet my teacher (who I actually already met when we ran into her at a park a couple of weeks ago), check out my locker, and get some cookies. I am ready for first grade!! Bring on a great school year! (The boys have their preschool orientations the next couple of days, and they both start right after Labor Day!)