Robinson Family Campout, 2018

Story told by: Lainey

We had our annual Robinson Family Campout this past weekend in Chelan!

Right when we arrived, we wanted to beat the heat with Molly by running through the sprinklers.

Mommy was sure our tent would fit on the tent pad. Daddy proved to her how wrong she was.

Still soaking wet from the sprinklers, but climbing all of the rocks in Lake Chelan State Park.

Aunt Cretia and Alex made a delicious dinner on Thursday night. They were amazing chefs!

Uncle Steve took on the dangerous job of helping Henry chop wood.

Me with Molly, Olive, and Sadie. Some cute girls.

It may have been close to 100 degrees, but that didn’t stop us from starting a fire to roast marshmallows.

S’more time!

We were WIDE AWAKE for a long time on Thursday night, so while Mommy and Daddy waited for us to go to sleep, they played Phase 10 with Grandma Jackie and Uncle Larry.

Breakfast time!

The fantastic breakfast cook!

We got some fun activity books from the park ranger, so we did those after breakfast.

Playground time!

And down to the lake by 10 a.m.!

It was a perfect day for swimming.

Time for lunch.

Na Na and Ba Ba arrived on Friday afternoon, and we were thrilled to see them!!

Na Na came right out in the water with us.

After swimming for hours, we went across the street from the state park to get ice cream!

This little restaurant also had the smallest enclosed restaurant dining room.

Brody did a sticker book with Ba Ba for awhile.

Campfire time. This is Brody’s face once the fire really got going.

Mommy accidentally left the marshmallows out in the 100-degree heat all day, so they melted. A lot. She tried to scoop the marshmallows out of the bag and put them on the roasting sticks, but it didn’t work at all. Thank goodness other family members came to the rescue with extra marshmallows!

Brody and Lyle are living their best lives.

Henry and Stevie loved having water gun fights.

After swimming all day, we passed out very quickly on Friday night.

Visiting with Na Na after breakfast on Saturday morning.

We got to the water park around 9:30 to wait in line. Na Na and Ba Ba biked the eight miles to the water park and visited for a bit before we went inside (and they went to explore Chelan).

Slidewaters was a blast! It was mostly slides, and we could ride most of them (although the boys needed life jackets for most of them).

Brody was initially a little nervous about even the small slides, but finally decided that he loved even the big slides. So much fun! We rode them allllll day long.

Daddy and I also raced down this big water slide. He won, but I think I’ll get him next time!

After spending all day at the water park, here are the boys just minutes after leaving.

Back to camp for a yummy dinner.

This wasn’t all of the younger cousins, but we managed to get a lot of them with Grandma Jackie.

Grandma Jackie with her own kids (there’s Ba Ba on the left).

Molly and I had lots of fun beading together. She even had scented beads!

Henry and Lyle had fun getting filthy together.

Mommy and I modeling the necklace I made for her and the ankle bracelet I made for myself.

Evening playground time.

And back for the final s’mores of the trip.

Brody really enjoyed hanging out with Hannah this weekend.

Ba Ba worked hard on perfecting his s’more.

This is Ba Ba’s “you’re distracting me from my s’more making” face.

Henry and Stevie played soccer for hours this weekend.

Molly and I spent time going through the Junior Ranger checklist in our activity books.

Sunday morning was filled with games while the adults packed up the tents.

It was such a fun weekend! We survived the heat better than we thought we would, and loved seeing family. Can’t wait for next year!

4th of July (and a day trip to Grand Coulee)

Story told by: Henry

We have had a fun couple days this week! Daddy took Tuesday off so we could visit friends in Grand Coulee, and got Wednesday off for the 4th of July.

These are Mommy’s good friends, Erica and April, who both used to live in Pullman. The Winzers are visiting from South Dakota, so we all met them in Grand Coulee for a fun day together.

The whole group of kids (minus Mabel, who was sleeping).

The water was COLD, but we still enjoyed ourselves!

We had to take a break from the water and warm up with some sand play.

This was the highlight of my day.

I had sand in every crevice from this activity.

Lainey built a raft that kept her entertained for quite awhile.

Before we got out of the water, Mya’s Daddy, Robbie, convinced the moms to jump in to the freezing water.

After showering off and changing into dry clothes, we found this odd contraption. When Daddy asked us what it was, I told him that it was clearly a “cell phone.”

We went back to Todd’s parents’ house for the next few hours. It had this amazing view. We picked raspberries, played games, and had a yummy BBQ. Such a fun day with the Winzers and Cowgills!

After getting in late the night before, we were up early for a festive 4th of July breakfast.

I had three of these waffles. Delicious!

After breakfast we left for Johnson to get seats for the parade. We met our new friend, Rowan, and her family at the parade. Rowan’s mommy, Alison, was in the Cougar Marching Band in college with Mommy and Daddy. They moved to Colton from Olympia a couple of weeks ago for her daddy’s job. Rowan is going to be in preschool with me this fall, and then in kindergarten with me next fall. (Rowan also has two younger siblings, Brinley and Otto.)

Before the parade started, Brody found his favorite mascot – Butch!

Family picture!

Rowan has not even an ounce of shyness in her! She warms up quickly to people.

We’re also convinced she wants to be in our family. (I’m sure Mommy wouldn’t notice one more kid at this point.)

For this sibling picture, I found it appropriate to squeeze as hard as I could while Brody attempted to bite my arm. Seems like a good 4th of July picture.

Okay, slightly less squeezing and biting in this picture.

As usual, the Evanoffs came decked out in the perfect outfits!

Almost parade time! We’re ready with our bags for candy.

Mommy and Daddy have NEVER seen Brody move as quickly as he did when there was candy in the road.

They’ll save this bit of information for future coaches trying to get Brody to run.

We ate tons of candy during the parade.

We even got otter pops.

While Brody and I took naps, Lainey, Mommy, and Daddy worked on painting her new desk.

Daddy did the sanding and taping. Mommy and Lainey did the painting.

Lainey chose lavender for her desk. It matches the lavender in her comforter.

After the first coat was on, Mommy and Daddy sat down for a drink.

And then Daddy took a good nap.

After naps, we headed to the Gulseth’s house for a 4th of July party. While we played, Mommy and Sarah played cornhole against Liz and Carla. Liz and Carla were the winners.

The whole crew of kids!

Just this morning I had decided that I wanted to build a robot. And then I found a new friend who has robot diagrams. IT WAS MEANT TO BE! He and I sat here for at least 30 minutes talking robots.

Before leaving the Gulseth’s house, the adults got in a couple games of Kubb.

Unfortunately, the men won both games. However, everyone clearly knows that in Kubb the wins are only official when you’re camping, so the women still happily claim their official camping wins.

After the Gulseth’s house, we went to the Evanoff’s house to end the night.

They just got a new trampoline, which was quite entertaining.

Check out my amazing flip.

We got to roast marshmallows.


Mommy enjoyed getting to spend time with Kindel and Marcie.

Kindel bought glowsticks for us, and it made for fun nighttime trampoline time.

The Evanoffs live right by Sunnyside Park, which is where the fireworks display is located. As it neared 10:00, we got our blankets ready to watch our FIRST EVER fireworks show.

Lainey and Hazel got to watch the show together.

A final blurry picture of the night before the fireworks started. I LOVED them!! So did Lainey! Brody was a little nervous, but did okay once he snuggled up with Mommy. Such a fun day filled with wonderful friends!

Church Camping Trip, 2018

Story told by: Lainey

We had our church campout at Camp Lutherhaven in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho last weekend! It was so much fun!

While Mommy and Daddy set things up, we went exploring.

We found a cool tree house with beds.

The adults all indulged to make set up a breeze.

It was cold, but we couldn’t resist the water.

Pastor Matt was our grilling extraordinaire!

But dinner was late, and we were hungry, so several of the adults stood right by the grill to show him encouraging faces.

While we waited for dinner, we took Daddy to one of the tree house slides we discovered.

Finally dinner time! Hurray!

Camping food is the best!

After dinner, Mommy and Daddy walked some of us up the hill to check out the challenge courses.

This was a pretty challenging log that rested just an inch off the ground, but I amazingly made it all the way across!

S’more time!

These two made an awesome s’more prep team.

Living the s’more dream.

Brody and his favorite person, Chloe.

Susan was a champ and played a lot of games with us this weekend.

After Brody had a restless night of sleep, we were up for a delicious breakfast.

Slow mornings with coffee around the camp fire were a treat for the adults.

While the adults woke up, we went on treasure hunting hikes.

But after asking them only 1,000 times, Mommy and Daddy joined us for a hike across the camp. We had something cool to show them.

I first wanted them to see this beautiful view of Lake Coeur d’Alene.

And then we wanted them to see this awesome tree house we found!

Mommy and Daddy agreed that it was pretty neat.

Back at camp, Daddy and Brody played catch. Brody and Henry start t-ball in a week, so they’re brushing up on their skills.

Next up, canoeing!

The boys asked to go with Daddy.

And I asked to go with Mommy.

It was a pretty windy day, so we only lasted for about 25 minutes, but it was still pretty neat.

Next up, bike riding!

There weren’t great paths for bikes, so we made an obstacle course on the basketball court.

And Brody made an awesome basket!

Liz and Sarah came up to join us for a bit.

We also went back up to the challenge courses, and Mommy and Daddy showed us that they’re really quite bad at them.

It was only 62 degrees, but the lifeguards were out, which meant we could use the water toys, so we went for it!

Henry started with the big slide.

And I did the inflatable. After about 20 minutes, we were FREEZING, so we all rushed back to get on dry clothes.

Henry had to lay in his sleeping bag for about 30 minutes to warm up. It was cold!!

The adults wanted an hour to play a game, so we all piled into the O’Loughlin’s tent to eat candy and watch a movie. Everyone was thrilled!

The adults played Kubb, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

In the last game of the day, the women battled it out for a come-from-behind victory!

Sad faces from the men. (Except for Pastor Matt who says he’s always happy because of Jesus.)

After Kubb was over, we went to play mini-golf.

Brody especially loved it.

Before we started dinner, everyone hiked up to the Lutherhaven sign to get a group picture.

On our way back to the campsite, Mrs. O’Loughlin got some pictures of Mommy and Daddy.

While Pastor Matt grilled chicken, everyone played.

But then it started pouring rain, and everyone found shelter. Except for Pastor Matt. He was still on dinner duty.

Most everyone went to the nearby pavilion to play games.

After a couple hours of rain, it stopped just in time for us to have s’mores. Hallelujah!

All of the kids went down earlier and easier on the second night, which made for a happy group of adults!

On Sunday morning, we got to eat by the campfire.

Henry got up first with Mommy and Daddy.

Henry and Desmond were already off riding their bikes before Brody and I got out of bed.

Nothing better than a pile of bacon for a camping breakfast.

Monster trucks, dirt, and PJs.

Brody and I woke up to a yummy breakfast. Brody was especially excited about his muffins.

Next it was time to pack up, and a crabby, attention-seeking Brody makes that difficult, so Jodie and Matt came to the rescue and took him mini-golfing. Thank you!!

There’s not much that’s more fun than packing up wet camping supplies!

Lutherhaven has a church service during the summers, so we got to join the Lutherhaven staff for the morning.

Brody sat with Chloe for a lot of the service.

Pastor Matt was asked to give the sermon, so it was fun to listen to him.

After his sermon, we got to come up for a fun song!

We had such a fun weekend! We are so grateful for our church family, and can’t wait to do this again next summer!

First Camping Trip of 2018

Story told by: Lainey

We had our first camping trip of 2018 this past weekend! We went to Steamboat Rock State Park in Electric City to meet the Grunenfelders (who are coming from the west side of Washington) and the Davises (who are up from California for the summer).

As soon as we arrived, Emma and I were fast friends.

We all helped set up the tent.

And I was put to work on the inside of the tent.

Game time!

A picture of the girls of the weekend.

Chelsea, Molly, and Mommy were all friends before they even had kids, so it’s fun for them to all be back together.

Tacos for dinner!

We rode our bikes constantly this weekend!

One of the highlights of our weekend was when another camper came out as a dinosaur and rode all over the campground with us.

Daddy teaching Brody how to take a good camping nap.

As Brody is potty training, we had this view quite a bit this weekend.

After dinner, we went for a bike ride, and then ended up in the water.

After coming back to the tent to change in to dry clothes, it was time for s’mores!! We’ve been so excited for this!

I burned my marshmallow, so Daddy was amazing and gave me his perfectly roasted marshmallow.

So excited to all be together in the tent! (It was 9:45, and Henry’s face shows his exhaustion.)

Brody wouldn’t stop jumping on us, so Mommy threatened him with having to sleep outside. So when he didn’t listen and Mommy followed through with her threat, he enjoyed it way too much. So back inside the tent he went.

The adults played Ticket to Ride both nights.

We love camping food. Sugary cereal, muffins, and juice for breakfast. Yum!!

And Daddy made the best camping eggs yet!

This is shaping up to be a good camping summer for Mommy and Daddy. While they were still very busy with us, they were able to have moments of sitting down, drinking coffee, and watching us play. Awesome!

We went on a walk to explore.

It was hot. Our parents made us walk at least 40 miles (or something like that) in this heat. Mommy and Daddy were the only ones enjoying themselves.

Thank goodness for the lake to stay cool in the heat of the day!

I swam all the way out to that island (with a life jacket on for safety)!

Lunch break! I am LOVING these Cheetos. (See?!? Camping food is my favorite!)

The whole crew!

Brody couldn’t quite keep his bathing suit up.

After five hours of swimming in the lake, we were covered in sand. We rinsed off in the bathroom, only to realize we forgot a change of clothes. So we walked back to the car doing our best to stay covered.

Naked kids!

Back to the tent sites for playing, late afternoon naps, and dinner (and lots of cold brew coffee for the adults).

Hot dogs and watermelon! Yum!

The playground after dinner!

And then back for s’mores at 9 p.m. We love this camping life!

Mommy introduced everyone to Reese’s peanut butter cups on their s’mores, and now they’re hooked!

Eric read us a fun camping story while we ate our s’mores.

Perfect beer for a camping weekend.

After another yummy breakfast on Sunday, we all played while the adults packed up to head home.

Once Mommy and Daddy were packed up, they got in a game of kubb.

Before we left, we got a picture of all of the kids from oldest to youngest.

The adults!

On our way home, we stopped at a small diner for some delicious burgers.

Followed by delicious ice cream!

Perfect for a hot summer day.

We had such a perfect weekend! My favorite part was the swimming, Henry’s favorite part was sleeping in the tent, and Brody’s favorite part was “all of it.” Can’t wait until our next camping weekend!

Dance Recital, 2018

Story told by: Lainey

Saturday evening was one of my favorite nights – DANCE RECITAL NIGHT!! I love performing!

R Lainey Web-1

A few weeks ago, the wonderful Ileia McCall (who also did our family pictures) took dance pictures for all of the girls in Parks and Rec. dance.

R Lainey Web-2

Tuesday 4 15 8x10 print

I’ve been dancing with most of these girls since just after my second birthday.

And here I am on recital night…ready to dance!!!

First up, my tap dance!

The mommies in our class were praising the dance gods that we only had one costume and no hair changes this year (compared to three costumes and three hair changes last year)! We just made a few quick changes in between dances. For my hip-hop dance, we just put on jazz shoes and took off the puffy skirt.

And for the last dance, puffy skirt went on top, black leggings went on, and we added dog accessories.

Me and Ivy!

All of the dogs!

We added this dance less than two months ago, so I was a little nervous about it, but I ended up having a blast!

One of the husbands of mommy’s good friend put together all of our dances into one video. These do a better job of showing the whole class. In the first dance, I’m middle right, and in the second two videos, I’m towards the left.

Although the dances were a blast, my favorite part was getting my fifth year trophy!!

I sure love Ms. Brooke, and can’t wait to dance again in the fall (but I did say that I’m glad for a little bit of a break).

Ashley (one of our sweetest babysitters) came and sat through the entire recital (24 dances) to support me. She’s AMAZING!!

Ashley, Mommy, and Daddy all brought me flowers. I love them!

We ended the night with a delicious ice cream treat.

Such a fun night! I love dancing so much!!

Father’s Day 2018

Story told by: Brody

Happy Father’s Day!! We had a great day celebrating the best daddy I know!

I got up first and was able to enjoy a doughnut breakfast with Daddy.

Before we left for church, we gave Daddy our cards.

I made sure to give lots of my signature wet, sloppy, open-mouth kisses.

Lainey had a special song in her card.

Then we gave Daddy his present!

He enjoys trying different beers. The Co-Op sells individual cans of beer, so we picked out a bunch of different kinds for him to try.

After church, Daddy’s lunch choice was Sella’s.

Henry and Lainey worked hard to get their pictures up on the wall at Sella’s.

Then we went to see “Incredibles 2.”

We ate lots of popcorn, and LOVED the movie! Really fun!

After the movie, we went home and gifted Daddy the opportunity to help us play Wii. (It was really a generous gift from us.)

We ended the night with delicious hamburgers and huckleberry ice cream. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! We love you so much!