I’m Seven!

Story told by: Henry

I’m seven years old today!

I always snuggle with my mom first thing every morning. It’s about the only time I am willing to snuggle.
My first picture as a seven-year-old!
I wanted to pick out fresh doughnuts for my birthday breakfast, so before I started online school for the day, Daddy and I got to run out to the store!
I specifically wanted to be able to put a doughnut hole in the middle of my doughnut so it looked like a UFO.
Then since I was having a couple of friends over for lunch and video games, Mommy and Daddy let me open one present early. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!
After I hurried through my schoolwork, Des and Elijah came over to join us for lunch!
They were so sweet to bring a couple of great gifts!
Then we got to play my new video game. It was such a fun afternoon!
Once Daddy was done with work, I requested Taco Bell for dinner. I love their burritos!
Then it was time to open presents! Lainey and Brody bought this present for me. It is a Splatoon character that I’ve been wanting!
I really loved this “make your own” comic book that Mommy and Daddy gave me.
A hoverboard from Gma and Gpa!
I got lots of books! This set is from the Campbells!
I found a s’mores cake online last week, and I just knew that’s what I wanted for my birthday. It almost did Mommy in as it was the most complicated cake she’s ever made, but my reaction when I saw it was pure joy!
This cake was INCREDIBLE!! Seriously the best cake we’ve ever had!
We ended the night with Daddy reading “Chronicle of Narnia” to us while I worked on one of my new LEGO sets.

It was such a great day, and I’m so excited to be seven!

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