Spring Break and Easter, 2021

Story told by: Lainey

We have this week off for Spring Break, so we took the first few days of the week to head to the Oregon Coast for a fun getaway!

It’s almost an eight-hour drive, so we got on the road by 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and drove all day. Daddy’s watch kept giving him notices that he was in an area where the decibels were too loud and that exposure to this volume for a long period of time could cause damage. I guess we were laughing too much and playing the music too loud on the way!
We arrived in Lincoln City, Oregon at 3 p.m., which was an hour earlier than our condo opened, so we went straight to the beach!

After checking into our condo, we came back down to keep playing!

Henry was on a mission to find as many seashells as he could!
Brody and I were on a mission to go fully clothed into the ocean. Success!
The next morning was Easter! We were very relieved to find out that the Easter Bunny still found us in our vacation spot!
I bought these yummy treats for the boys and made them a Perler bead bunny.
We all got started on the candy right away!
The view off of our balcony!
We tried to go to a local church, but it was a bit too crowded with no masks for us, so we left after a few minutes and went sightseeing instead.
We loved watching the waves crash over these rocks.
This is my “I’m a vacation girl” pose.
Next up was our egg hunt on the beach! It was incredibly windy down by the water, though, so that made hiding plastic eggs a bit challenging.
We went exploring while Mommy hid the eggs.
Once the egg hunt started, Daddy stood down wind to catch the eggs. Mommy got quite a kick out of it!
Brody’s favorite part of the ocean was when the tide was low and he could hop on all of these rocks.
We all enjoyed reading books on our balcony. I got this one in my Easter basket.
We ended Easter night in our hot tub. Not too shabby!
On our last full day of vacation, we drove down to Newport to see the sights. Our first stop was a must on the coast….salt water taffy!
And then another necessary stop…Mo’s for clam chowder!
I wouldn’t even touch the chowder, but the boys (and Mommy) all dug right in. They loved it!
Next we wandered down to see all of the sea lions.
I lost a tooth in my salt water taffy! I started biting on something hard, and was very surprise (and quite panicked) because I didn’t even know it was loose. Because I was pretty worried, Mommy took some pictures and emailed them to our dentist just to help me feel better that all looked good, and wasn’t a broken tooth and sure enough, it’s normal! I was much happier after hear that.
We stopped at Rogue Brewery to eat on their outdoor patio and to enjoy the GLORIOUS sunshine!
We had root beer floats and shared a couple of appetizers for our lunch!
Mommy spilled her entire drink before even taking a sip. So the waiter was awesome and brought her replacement drink in a mug with a handle so she could hold on extra tight.
Grandma and Grandpa gave us a puzzle for Easter, so we finished putting that together!
And then back to the beach for our last evening! It was only 50 degrees, but I was bound and determined to be in my bathing suit and go in the ocean!
Henry’s goal was to build a sand castle fort.
And Brody was back on these rocks. He didn’t care that they were covered in seaweed…he could have been here all day!
On our last morning, Henry cozied right up to me to watch some cartoons.
Then before heading home, we drove an hour north to go to the Tillamook Cheese and Ice Cream Factory!
It was really neat to see how the cheese was made!
Mommy wanted cheese curds, and we wanted ice cream. So yummy!
After this we started the long drive home with lots of stops for food, Target to make some returns (since we don’t have a Target where we live), breaks to stretch our legs, and most importantly…coffee for Mommy and Daddy!

We couldn’t have had a better Spring Break! It was the perfect weather, great family time, and the relaxation we all needed!

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