Sanctuary Dance Recital, 2021

Story told by: Lainey

I started at a new dance studio in the fall of 2020 because I wanted to join their competition dance team. The studio I’ve been with since I was two years old doesn’t do a competition team, so for this year, I did dances at both studios. My first recital of the year was with my new dance studio, Sanctuary.

I got to be Mary Poppins for my competition team! We traveled to a few competitions this spring with this dance. We took second place and third place at two of the competitions! We performed our competition dance first!
The recital was broken up into five different mini-recitals, so more people could attend due to COVID restrictions. This dance was performed at the 10:00 recital.
The theme of the recital was “Dancing Through the Decades,” so the rest of my songs were from various decades.
This is my second costume for my Tap 2 performance for the 11:30 recital.
I had lots of friends in different performances. Analiese had the cutest dress!
Mom and Liz helped each other through learning competition season for the first time together! They were SO glad they had one another.
Sarah saved the day for the moms with a coffee run!
I am on the far left for most of this dance.
My third (and favorite) costume for the 12:30 recital. This is also my favorite dance!
Leilani is in my class at school, so it was fun to see her!
I ate a quick lunch before my third performance!
I am third from the left in most of this dance.
Daddy and the boys came to watch my third dance. It was such a long day of dances, so I picked my one favorite for them to attend.
My fourth costume for the 2:00 recital!
I was all done posing.
Sarah is such a good support person!
Jagger was my duet partner for this last dance!
After I went home to change, we went out for ice cream to celebrate a successful recital! I love, love, love dancing! I can’t wait for my next recital in a couple of weeks with my other dance studio!

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