Fourth of July, 2020

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great Fourth of July! We didn’t get to do our usual things like the Johnson Parade or the fireworks at Sunnyside Park, but we made the best of it with other really fun events!

We did get to start with our usual American flag waffles!

The O’Loughlins were hosting a lunchtime BBQ! They were hosting a “Most Patriotic Outfit” contest, so we definitely wanted to participate. Each of us kids came up with our own outfit!

I also used my eye shadow to paint on our faces.

Once we arrived at the O’Loughlin’s house, they knew how much we were missing the parade, so they put one on for us!

We love them! (Although, would it have killed them to throw candy at us?!)

The whole crew!

The guys!

The ladies!

Grandpa sent us a video of their Fourth of July, so we made this to send back!

Then the water gun and water balloon fight started!

The kids decided to attack the adults, so the adults started getting revenge.

Time for lunch!

Then Kan Jam started!

When it was time for the ladies to play, Sean captured Mommy’s intense effort to win.

And Mommy is very proud to announce they DID win!

We came home to rest, then grilled for dinner, and then did our own fireworks!

We sat and watched Daddy light off some fun firework fountains.

Then we got ready on our deck for the fireworks that were being shot from an “undisclosed location” in order to prevent groups from gathering. We had no idea if we’d be able to see them or not!

Then once they started and we found out we couldn’t see them from our main deck, we ran upstairs to the deck off of Mommy and Daddy’s room. We could see them just the tiniest bit through these bushes.

Henry and I watched the entire time and saw whatever we could.

Daddy and Brody gave up (and I’m pretty sure Daddy just went to sleep). It was a bit of a strange year, but still SUPER fun! However, we won’t complain if things are back to normal next year!

First Camping Trip of the Season

Story told by: Brody

We don’t have a lot of camping trips planned for this year due to many things being closed, but we were recently able to meet some friends for a great weekend at Farragut State Park in Idaho.

We have known the Davis and Grunenfelder families since they lived in Pullman many years ago, and have been able to meet them for most summers to go camping! This is Mommy with Chelsea and Molly.

We were the last ones to arrive due to our swim lessons, but we jumped right in to playing with our friends.

Sitting around the campfire.

Time for s’mores! My favorite part of camping!

The next morning we woke up to the best camping breakfast!

Mommy and Daddy ate Red Vines while waiting for their coffee to brew and while whisper-yelling at us to not wake up the entire campground.

Daddy also made yummy bacon and eggs!

After breakfast, the fun started again.

Lainey made each of us our own bike parking spot.

We found an open field for the adults to play Kubb while we climbed on giant rocks.

The girls!

The guys technically won two of the three games of Kubb.

But due to their hard-fought third game victory, the ladies are declaring themselves the ultimate winners.

We headed back for lunch, only for me to discover that my mom had brought Dawn dish soap on the trip. Unbeknownst to my parents, I’d recently seen a commercial for this soap and I was SO excited they brought this!

After lunch we headed down to the swim area.

It wasn’t warm, but we still had a blast.

Lainey went out with Emma on the paddle board.

After we decided we were freezing, we headed back to camp.

We had s’mores in between Snickerdoodle cookies. Delicious!

We also built a secret fort area.

The adults roasting their s’mores after we ran in and out for our own s’mores like a herd of elephants.

We ended the night with flashlight tag!

The next morning was spent sitting around the campfire and eating breakfast.

Mommy got to sit around the fire for two cups of coffee, and she loved it so much. After this everyone started packing up and hit the road. We had such a great weekend!

My Piano Recital – Home Edition

Story told by: Lainey

I just wrapped up my final piano lesson for the school year. We couldn’t have our typical recital due to COVID-19, so Mommy suggested that we do one from home and invite my family via FaceTime. I picked my two favorite songs to play on my own, and then Mommy and I did a duet at the end. Enjoy!

My audience.

Brody is visiting Na Na and Ba Ba for a few days in Tacoma, so he got to watch from their house.

My Preschool Graduation

Story told by: Brody

After quite the crazy end to the school year with two months of distance learning, I had my last day of preschool last Friday! We celebrated by going to the preschool for a quick and socially-distanced Aloha Day.

A picture of me with my two incredible teachers!

After my teachers gave me a little gift, they sang my final blessing song ever.

After five straight years of Robinsons at this preschool, we are now completely done. Mommy feels a little emotional about that. We have been so grateful to this school for being such a great start for all of us!

There was a fun photo booth to enjoy!

I challenged Mommy to pick me up for the photo booth by saying, “I’m really heavy. Can you pick me up?” So of course she had to go for it!

And Sarah even snuck in there for a quick picture.

Since we couldn’t do our typical preschool graduation, the teachers planned a Saturday morning drive-by graduation. Before they arrived, we decorated and took some pictures in my graduation shirt.

When they arrived, we got a quick picture.

Then they presented my cross, my diploma, and my four words that describe me: creative, friendly, tenderhearted, and affectionate.

The whole crew of preschool teachers. I have been lucky enough to be taught by each of them, and I love them so much!

I am ready for kindergarten! (But was also a little nervous that I was going to have to start right away, so I felt a little better when Mommy told me that I don’t have to start for a few months.)

Mother’s Day 2020

Story told by: Mommy

(Note by Lainey – We have decided to allow Mommy to tell her own story this year about Mother’s Day. Enjoy things from her perspective!)

Everyone slept in until 7:15, which was a Mother’s Day miracle! Kylan got up about 30 minutes before me to put up the art that the kids had created.

I loved coming down to this special banner!

We watched church upstairs while I puzzled and drank coffee. Pretty great way to listen to the sermon!

Kylan ran out to get me a coffee so we could sit and watch the kids play! We’re sitting in front of the house on the new bench Kylan got me for Mother’s Day. I also asked for flowers in my pots, so that’s what he and the kids spent time doing yesterday! He also surprised me by ordering a new patio couch for the deck off of our bedroom. It should have arrived days ago, and he was hoping I could be having my morning Mother’s Day coffee on it. But unfortunately with shipping messed up by Corona virus, it won’t be here for a few more days. I’m still very excited for it!

The weather was incredible today, so we enjoyed being outside a lot!

Kylan got some good pictures with me and my three favorites who call me Mom.

Next I wanted to redeem ourselves in a t-ball game against the kids where Kylan and I lost during our last game.

Thank goodness we crushed them! (But actually had to work for it. I’m sure they’ll be beating us quite easily in just a couple of years.)

Once we got home, the kids got some screen time while we got some deck time! Kylan hung up the sign my parents got me for my birthday!

My main request of the day was that I wanted the black bean dip from La Casa Lopez. When Kylan found out that they were unfortunately closed, he was a rock star and made the most INCREDIBLE bean dip! I truly didn’t even miss the dip from La Casa Lopez. Such a treat!

And a Moscow Mule was involved!

We ate all of the dip. And an entire bag of chips.

Then cookies arrived. Needless to say, we didn’t even cook the steak we’d been planning on. We were happily stuffed!

Henry had a sweet card for me.

Lainey did the dinner dishes.

And then she and Brody had a dance prepared for me!

We ended the night with more puzzling and “The Masked Singer.” It was a fantastic Mother’s Day with my favorite people!

I’m Five!

Story told by: Brody

I turned five today!! I was a bit nervous last night about turning five because I really liked being four, but when I woke up, I knew I was going to love it!

Lainey told me I could go in her room whenever I wanted on my birthday, so by 6:30 a.m. I was reading in her room while listening to music.

Daddy went out to get me a chocolate sprinkle doughnut, and then made bacon for me when he got home. My perfect birthday breakfast!

Mommy had a fun birthday shirt for me to wear! (I didn’t know that I was actually supposed to be in Disneyland today. Thank goodness Mommy and Daddy had been keeping that a surprise, so they’ll save that trip for another time!)

Then I was opening presents by 8 a.m. I couldn’t wait!

Gma and Gpa got me lots of awesome t-ball supplies! My t-ball season was just canceled, so this will help to fill that void.

My very own Tooth Fairy pillow for my first tooth that I just might lose this year!

I have been wishing so much for an American Girl Wellie Wisher doll. And today my dream came true!

I held her most of the day!

Grandma and Grandpa sent some good new books. And my very own OSMO with new games!

Turning five in my house is a very big deal because that’s when you get gum!

I had at least “fifty hundred” pieces of gum today.

Na Na and Ba Ba sent me some great art projects!

After presents, we had to get ready to meet my birthday buddy, Chloe, for her birthday scavenger hunt. We made a sign for her and had her favorite treats as a gift. We also had a clue to send her to her next scavenger hunt location.

She arrived, and social distancing went out the window for a moment because we forgot ourselves and were overcome with excitement.

She’s a teenager now!

Lainey finished her school by  7 a.m. today (my request was no school for myself). She read to me while Henry finished up his assignments.

Mac and Ivy came to sing to me and give me a gift card to the candy store. Do they know me or what?!

Then I requested to go over to the middle school parking lot to play basketball and ride my bike.

The Knights found us there, and had some great cards and a present for me!

Then we brought home Happy Meals for lunch!

The Campbells had warm cookies delivered from Insomnia Cookies. SO good! Seriously. So, so good.

I really love going to the movie theater, but since it is closed right now, Mommy and Lainey decided to bring the movie theater to me. Lainey helped to make the tickets (and kept a good secret).

Then we went downstairs to the movie theater!

Once downstairs, I found an amazing concession stand.

I wanted some of each candy in my popcorn as a yummy topping!

We rented “Trolls World Tour” to watch. I was very excited!

After the movie, while we were playing outside, I was VERY surprised to find my very own birthday parade coming down the street! Mommy and Daddy have friends in the police department and fire department who helped with this. And then my good buddies joined as well!

This parade was EASILY the highlight of my day. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate. I was so surprised!!

After the parade, we played with water guns for awhile. Then for dinner I requested hot dogs and Cheetos. My favorite!

Then my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Yum!

I kept saying, “This was a good day. Such a good, amazing day.” As Mommy was tucking me in, she asked if I liked being a five-year-old. I said, “I do. It’s going to be good.” Such a perfect day!!

My Preschool Art Show

Story told by: Brody

Today was my last preschool art show! We weren’t able to do it at preschool since school is canceled due to Coronavirus, so we made it happen at home!

My teacher delivered my completed art projects a few days ago, but she also gave us materials to create my own art projects since we didn’t have time to finish everything at school. So I presented a combination of my created-at-preschool projects with my created-at-home projects.

I went for the “business on top, casual on bottom” look for my art show.

I was very excited to invite both Na Na and Ba Ba and Grandma and Grandpa to my art show via FaceTime.

And I ended the night by showing my art to Ashley and Elias via FaceTime. Thanks to everyone who appreciated my art!

Coronavirus Social Distancing

Story told by: Lainey

It’s only been four weeks since the last blog post about my birthday, and EVERYTHING has changed since then due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Just a week after my birthday, schools shut down. Daddy is working from home. Mommy is homeschooling us. And we’re being asked to not be around other people. What a crazy time. Even though we have our moments, overall we are doing really well!

I’ll start you off with a silly video we made for our online church service. It summarizes this whole situation perfectly. 😉

And now I’ll show you some pictures and other videos of our last few weeks to show you what we’ve been up to!

Mommy had her 35th birthday right at the start of figuring this Coronavirus thing out. We were supposed to be in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a wrestling tournament and a night in the hotel to celebrate her birthday, but Henry’s wrestling season had been canceled by this point and they were advising against travel, so Mommy canceled all of those plans.

Daddy went out to get a yummy breakfast.

And we knew at this point, you weren’t supposed to be with large groups of people, so Mommy went with just Liz and Sarah for wine tasting.

They had coffee and wine in the hot tub. The laughs were SO good.

These kids had sweet treats and cards for Mommy.

While Mommy was with her friends, we worked hard to have a fun surprise waiting for her upon coming home. She loved it!

Then Mommy opened our presents.

Daddy got her a membership to her favorite winery.

And the night ended with a delicious dinner! It was really different than what was originally planned, but Mommy loves us so much for still making it special.

Things were changing so quickly with information on the Coronavirus that by just the day after Mommy’s birthday, they were strongly recommending no unnecessary contact with people outside of your home. Here is Mommy’s first picture of social distancing.

And just in time for school to be canceled, Daddy had just finished converting the area under our deck into a play area. Perfect timing!

I named our home school, and Mommy and I worked together to come up with a schedule.

Our schooling has gone very well. The weather during our first week home was INCREDIBLE, so we got outside a lot that first week. But we did have to make sure we were staying away from others when we saw them.

St. Patrick’s Day!

We’ve had such a clear calendar! All extracurriculars had been canceled, so we had so much time to explore new trails in Pullman.

We made it all the way to day two of homeschooling before a disaster struck. The boys were playing “Plug the Shower with Your Bottom.” They flooded the bathroom, and water went into the room below the bathroom as well.

It was right as Daddy was coming home from work, so he started drilling holes in the ceiling to let the water out.

Lainey acted as a scribe for Henry’s apology letter. Daddy rented a dehumidifier to run in the room for a few days, and after some patching and new paint, the room below the bathroom should be good to go again.

I became pen pals with my cousin, Molly, and my best buddy, Ivy.

We hiked Kamiak. We had just done a science lesson the day before on finding creatures and bugs, so it was perfect for exploring on our hike.

We found flowers to decorate Mommy.

Another cool thing to come out of this are the amount of free art lessons that have been posted. We’ve had some great directed drawing sessions.

Mommy came up with a fun idea where we had to create our own playground out of recycling items or art items we already had in our home.

When we were finished, Henry had to write an advertisement for it.

And I had to measure and calculate the perimeter.

We had many nights out on the deck this first week. It did get chilly in the evenings, so Daddy had fires going.

We had our first-ever online church experience.

And it turns out Brody is just as obnoxious during at-home church.

Mommy has been doing lots of FaceTiming and Marco Polo messages in order to stay in touch with her friends.

We have never had this much time for house projects. Our first weekend we spent a lot of the weekend laying down beauty bark in front of the house.

We were rewarded with ice cream! (Restaurants are not allowed to have dining in the restaurant, but most restaurants are still open for either the drive-thru or carry out.)

We’ve had lots of time for puzzles! And we’ve started reading the first book in the Harry Potter series.

On our second week of homeschooling, Daddy was sent home from work and was told that he should work from home. We’re glad he’s safe at home, but now we enter into the tricky dynamic of trying to be quiet enough for Daddy who is on phone/online meetings all day.

Mommy is bound and determined to make Henry work hard on his writing. She’s already seen a lot of improvement!

I’ve been getting to do baking for my math lessons once a week. Mommy is trying to have me do most of it on my own. It’s forcing me to learn to read fractions!

More art!

We made these pictures to send to a woman at our church who can’t leave her house due to being high risk of catching the virus.

Brody got to have his first Zoom meeting and share day with his preschool class.

In our second week of homeschooling, Brody swallowed a penny for some unknown reason. After getting off the phone with the pediatrician (who told us that they are limiting who goes into the hospital due to the virus, so Brody would not be going in for an x-ray), we changed our science lesson for that afternoon to learn about where the penny will travel before it exits Brody’s body.

One morning we had a lesson on how to take up-close photography.

We had a fun engineering activity where we had to use jelly beans and toothpicks to create two towers, and then engineer a way to connect those two towers. Henry especially enjoyed this activity. He is definitely an engineer at heart!

Before our public library completely shut down, they were still delivering books. We got in one of the last orders for books!

The government is asking us to do no more than one shopping trip a week, and that only one person from your family should do the shopping. This is Mommy avoiding eye contact with everyone in the store because if she knows you, she’s going to hug you. And she’s not allowed to do that, so it’s best if she just doesn’t see a single person.

Mommy has been really missing girls’ nights, so she was so excited when her friend, Carla, put together a craft night. Carla dropped off all of the supplies on our doorstep, and then they used Zoom for Carla to teach them.

Since our school’s science fair was canceled, Henry presented to us on his Arctic habitat diorama that he had already completed.

We’ve had lots of time for family walks.

And games.

And more baking.

We are very grateful for a big field behind our house. It extends our yard, and is fantastic!

Our school district came up with some fun virtual spirit days for the third week of homeschooling. Day one was pajama day!

Our teachers have started communicating with us to give us assignments. (We will really jump into online learning after Spring Break.) Brody completed a graph for his teacher.

Day two of virtual spirit week was hat day!

The weather this day was alternating between rain, hail, snow, and sunshine. In a break of it all, we got outside for a walk. And then a 6.2 earthquake hit. Crazy! We didn’t feel it too much as we were running, climbing, and jumping…but Daddy working at home felt it a lot. He had to move away from the bookshelf as it was shaking so much he thought it was going to fall over.

We had a friend come up with different themes for dinner. One night was beach night!

Day three of virtual spirit week was sports day! I was a basketball player, Brody a dancer, and Henry a baseball player.

The highlight of the third week was on April Fools’ Day. My teacher gave us an assignment to find the elusive Loof-Lirpa Bird. You were supposed to call for it. Hold food out for it. Then sing to it. If that didn’t work, then you could try sounding out the bird’s name backwards. That’s when I figured it out. Mommy was crying from laughing so hard!

Our art teacher sent out an assignment to draw a plant from our house.

The fourth day of virtual spirit week was twin (or triplet) day!

Brody was also triplets with Mrs. O’Loughlin and Desmond.

Mommy and her friend Natalie were twins.

We had a fun baking challenge where we had to solve puzzles (similar to an escape room) in order to complete the recipe.


I’ve been really missing my friends, so I’ve been finding ways to play math games with them via FaceTime.

We try to finish school extra early on Friday since we’re all pretty tired by that point. After we finished our work, we went up to the WSU campus for a Cougar head scavenger hunt. Mommy challenged us to find 75 Cougar heads.

We were climbing, running, and jumping. Such a great way to get out some energy!

Mommy and Daddy had to get creative about a date night, so they employed me as a babysitter.

All kidding aside, Mommy said I did a great job. Mommy and Daddy had 90 quiet minutes, which they loved!!

We ended the night with reading Harry Potter.

And the weekend brings more projects. Mommy asked Daddy to replace these awful light fixtures in the office, so Daddy said he should just paint the room before he replaces them. Fine with Mommy!

I’ve been having some big emotions lately about missing my friends and not being at school. So I got to have a Saturday morning date with Mommy. I picked getting Starbucks and doing a craft. It was just what I needed!

We did a lesson on Palm Sunday.

Ready with our palms!

Daddy worked hard all day to get the room painted and light fixtures in!

We’ll get some different light bulbs in at some point, but Mommy loves them!

After online church, we made some bird nest cookies with Mommy!

A perfect afternoon treat!

I’m Eight!

Story told by: Lainey

Today was my eighth birthday, and it was a great one!

My first request of the day was to go to Zoe’s for breakfast. This is a sign of how much my parents love me because we lost an hour due to the time change, and they still had us out the door by 7:30 a.m. so we could have breakfast before church!

Strawberry pancakes!

Henry could not see any reason as to why he might need Mommy’s help cutting his pancakes.

Next to church!

Then piano lessons!

And then once we were home, I requested one of what I have deemed “Daddy’s Famous Sandwiches.” It’s cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, turkey, and lettuce. I guarantee no one else makes them like my dad!

Next up…presents! Here I opened new camera film and an assortment of earrings from Mommy and Daddy.

New books from Grandma and Grandpa!

And new binoculars from Grandma and Grandpa.

I’ve wanted new binoculars for a long time!

Gma and Gpa nailed it with a Fit Bit! I’m so excited!!

Mommy and Daddy also got me the first book in the Harry Potter series! We’ll read this together as a family, and I can’t wait!

Nana and Baba got me a new colored pencil set!

And a great new friendship bracelet kit. I am really loving making jewelry lately!

I spent the afternoon playing with my new toys, including these two new LOL dolls.

Then we went to see the new movie, “Onward.” It was really cute, and we all enjoyed it!

After the movie I spent quite a bit of time out on the deck sightseeing. I hope our neighbors down below us have curtains.

My request was tacos for dinner. My favorite!

And then a chocolate peanut butter cake that Mommy made for me!

It was delicious!

We ended the night by playing, and then reading the first chapter of “Harry Potter.” It was a wonderful day, and I smiled through most of it!