Dance Recital, Parks & Rec, 2021

Story told by: Lainey

I had my second recital of the year today! This is for my parks & rec dance studio. I’ve danced with most of the girls in my class since I was two years old.

This was my costume for our jazz dance.
My favorite girls! We had to wear masks unless we were performing, but we took them off super quick for this picture.
I was most nervous for this dance, but I was really happy with how I did! I start as the third from the right, and then move all over the place.
My tap costume!
Me and one of my best buddies, Ivy.
Tap is still my favorite style of dance (although jazz is gaining ground). I’m in the front row, on the far left in this dance!
Mommy and Daddy got me a flower/candy bouquet for my great performance.
The boys got a bit wiggly, but they sat through the entire two-hour recital. They rocked it!
My favorite part…the giant trophy! This is my eighth year of dance with Parks & Rec.
And finally, a picture with my wonderful teacher, Ms. Brooke. I have made the very difficult decision to switch over to my other dance studio full time in order to compete in more dances on their competition team (which is something Ms. Brooke doesn’t offer). Tonight tears were shed by both myself and Ms. Brooke. I am going to miss her SO much. I am very grateful to how much she helped to foster my love of dance. I love her, and I can’t wait to make her proud with more dancing!

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