I’m Six!

Story told by: Brody

I turned six yesterday! I am the last in my family to have a birthday, so I’ve been counting down the days since the first family birthday in February. It is FINALLY my turn!!

I was up by 5:15 a.m. because I was too excited. The first thing I asked Daddy was, “Can you lift me up to see if I’m heavier today?”
Then I asked Mommy if she would like to pick me up. She gave an emphatic, “Nope!” I am getting pretttty big.
Lainey made a note for me, and left it with a new shirt that I got to wear for the day.
Before I left for school, Daddy took me out to get a doughnut, and Mommy made bacon for me. My favorite things!
Chloe and I have the same birthday! She turned 14. She surprised me with an early-morning present drop off. Thank you, Chloe!
I’m not too heavy for her to lift either.
The early-morning picture of the tired moms!
Henry made a nice card for me.
And after this picture in my new shirt, I walked out the door for school!
Daddy took the day off to help celebrate my special day. While I was at school, Mommy and Daddy got the deck ready for my birthday party. (The wind was blowing quite a bit and it was raining off and on…but they were determined!)
I’m loving Mario right now, so I requested this for my theme!
Ella and Nathanael, my two best kindergarten buddies, walked home from school with me for my party. We got to first pick out a Mario-themed mask.
The Bowser mask was my favorite!
Bananas, string cheese, and Kool-Aid for snack. It was my first time trying Kool-Aid, and I later declared this as one of my favorite parts of my party!
Mommy and Daddy also got in on the fun.
Our first activity was Mario Bingo!
Then we were blindfolded and had to pin the nose on Mario, as well as the “M” on his hat!
Next we had an egg hunt to find all of Yoshi’s eggs! (Lainey and Henry had a bit of a collision, but everyone was fine.)
We successfully found all of Yoshi’s eggs!
Time for presents!
Cupcakes were next!
Making my wish.
Ella made sure that her mask and her cupcake matched.
After cupcakes, we had about 45 minutes to run around and play. We wrapped up just in time for it to start pouring rain. I love these two buddies and I’m so happy they could come over!
I originally wanted giant pancakes from Zoe’s for dinner, but when we called, they were closing early. So I happily opted for my next dinner choice…McDonald’s!
Next up…family presents!
Lainey and Brody bought this book for me. I love it!
Grandma and Grandpa got me a new Nintendo Switch game!
Mommy and Daddy also got me a new game. I only get to play Switch on the weekends, so you know what I’ll be doing this weekend!
NaNa and BaBa got me a cool science kit. I can’t wait to grow some crystals!
Gma and Gpa are going to give me a night in a hotel as my present. I LOVE HOTELS!!!
I requested that Mommy make lava cake for my birthday dessert. It’s just so warm and gooey and yummy!
After we played one of my new Switch games as a family, I requested that we end the night by reading a couple of chapters of my new book. It was such a great birthday! I can’t wait for my next one!

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