Valentine’s Day, 2021

Story told by: Brody

We love, love, love Valentine’s Day!

We started the day with heart-shaped muffins (that I helped Mommy bake yesterday) and heart-shaped bacon!
I wanted to look “very handsome” for Valentine’s Day. But since we haven’t been to church since last March and only watch online, I have no dress pants that fit me. So I put gel in my hair, found a dress shirt that fits, and tucked it into my nicest sweatpants.
Mommy made a cake that had a bit of a hard time coming out of the pan.
But lots of frosting and sprinkles fixed it right up!
While Mommy was baking, Daddy came home with two sweet gifts for her. He’s a good guy!
Mommy caught Daddy and Lainey dancing. We had “love” music going all day!
Yesterday Henry made a kind card for Mommy.
And finally our favorite part of the day…our special dinner!
Heart-shaped meatloaf and pink mashed potatoes!
We all got kicked out of the dining room until it was time for the big reveal!
We decided that since we never dress up anymore, it would be fun to have a fancy dinner!
We surprised Mommy and Daddy with cards we made the day before. Mommy and Daddy opened their cards while we ate dinner.
Lainey wrote the SWEETEST cards to each of us!
Lainey also made Mommy a necklace with a wine cork from her favorite winery. Mommy got a kick out of this!
Time for our presents!
I got a book I’d been BEGGING for, so while everyone else continued to open presents, I paused everything to start reading.

And because Mommy forgot to take any pictures after dinner, I’ll let you know that we had cake for dessert, and then snuggled up to watch a movie and eat our Valentine’s Day treats. It was a wonderful day!

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