I’m Nine!

Story told by: Lainey

It’s my birthday! One of the first things I said when I woke up today was, “It’s my last year in the single digits!”

I woke up at 6 a.m. Here’s my first picture as a nine-year-old!
Since I was up so early, Mommy wasn’t done with her workout yet, so I joined her to finish the last half together!
And just as we finished, Brody came up to wish me a happy birthday.
My requested breakfast from my favorite chef was bacon and eggs.
My favorite meal!
When we were in the store last week, I saw this “Birthday Girl” badge that I just had to have.
Mommy asked me to strike a birthday pose. This is my “birthday hat” pose.
Then it was time for school! I have a new appreciation for actually being able to go to school, so I was thrilled to get to celebrate with my class.
Mommy had friends and teachers sending me pictures of my school day.
When I got home, my best friend, Ava got to come over for a bit. We first checked out the new American Girl magazine.
Allison also got to come over to have a cookie picnic together. Allison turns 18 today. She was in Mommy’s third grade class when I was born, and got to meet me in the hospital on our first birthday we shared together. It’s crazy that I’m now the age that Allison was when she first met me!
Then it was time to open presents!
A fun game from Grandma and Grandpa!
Two different latch hook kits!
A Little House on the Prairie cookbook from the Spotanskis!
My new favorite sweatshirt!
Na Na made me a beautiful quilt! She’s the best seamstress I know!
A fun LOL doll camper from Gma and Gpa!
Then I had awhile to play with my new toys!
Tacos and cheesy chips were my requested dinner!
Mommy made me a lemon cake while I was at school today. It was absolutely delicious!
After cake, it was time for dance class! Over the weekend Mommy and I made salted chocolate chunk cookies to share as treats with my dance friends.
My dance class surprised me when I walked in!
And then the big girls came to sing to me!

It was such a fun day! I felt special, and got to spend it with lots of friends and family that I love!

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