Christmas, 2020

Story told by: Lainey

We were supposed to fly to visit our family in Illinois for Christmas this year, but due to COVID, we decided to be extra safe and stay home!

We were excited to wake up on Christmas Eve to find that Santa had brought us an early present! (He normally brings us a present while we’re at church on Christmas Eve, but since we are doing church from home, we were curious to see how he’d do it!)
We love our new jammies and book he brought us!
Elf also surprised us with treats!
We had baked sugar cookies the day before, so we spent time on Christmas Eve decorating them.
The weather was beautiful, so we went out for a long walk!
Since we were watching church from home, we took the most casual Christmas Eve pictures ever!
These are what 90% of our pictures looked like.
Our church sent out nativities for us to open during the service.
The one bonus about church from home was that as soon as it was done, we turned on a Christmas show and ate peppermint ice cream from Ferdinand’s. Yum!
We read our new book with Daddy.
And each picked out our favorite cookie to leave out for Santa.
I also wrote a note for Santa. And then we went to bed where both Henry and I couldn’t fall asleep until well past 11 p.m.
The next morning Mommy and Daddy got up to have a cup of coffee and enjoy a quiet moment before the fun began.
We were ready to go by 5:58 a.m.
Our big present from Santa is always unwrapped. We were thrilled to find that I got my number one request of a giant box of LOL Dolls, and the boys got their requests of new Nintendo Switches.
Daddy got right to work as tech support.
And Mommy watched me unbox a few dolls.
Next we moved onto stockings!
And then the chaos and fun really started!
Mommy’s favorite moments of the morning were when we opened presents we gave to one another. We used our allowance to carefully choose and purchase what we thought each other would like the most. We had the most genuine and heartfelt thank you’s for one another.
The boys got a LEGO set for me to add to our LEGO city.
I bought a Pokemon set for Henry.
We all bought a Cougar sweatshirt for Daddy.
And we bought a new Cougar mug for Mommy.
My teacher also gave me a new book to open on Christmas!
Brody got a new apron for all of his baking with Mommy!
Grandma and Grandpa got Mommy a new Magnolia vase from when they visited the Magnolia store in Texas!
Daddy got an assortment of beer!
And then tested it in his new chair. He’s ready for summer!
I also got a Magic 8 ball. I really want to meet dolphins, so I asked my Magic 8 ball. Twice. I didn’t like its answer.
The afternoon was spent playing with our toys! The boys did video games.
Mommy and I put together one of my new LEGO sets.
And Daddy was knee-deep in recycling and trash, which he clearly loves sooooo much!
Since it was just us this year, we decided to do whatever we want. We love Costco lasagna, so that’s what we had for dinner. Mommy LOVED not cooking all day. She said that she may keep this tradition!
But she did make a delicious peppermint cheesecake. Yum!
Right as the lasagna came out of the oven we realized it had finally snowed enough to go sledding (the snow didn’t really start until the sun was going down)! So we left the lasagna sitting on the counter, put on our snow stuff, and ran out the door for flashlight sledding!

It was such a fun way to end our day! We came home to eat our easy Christmas dinner, played some video games, and then went to bed. It was much different than normal, but also such a fun day! Merry Christmas everyone!

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