October Catch-Up

Story told by: Lainey

Distance learning started, and we’ve now been MIA! I know you’re used to much more regular updates, but the boys and I are very busy with school. And Mommy seems to be either running around between us or drinking lots of coffee! I’ll get you caught on what we’ve been doing in October (and some of September)!

Bike rides!
I found a new book series that I LOVE! I’m currently on the last of these four books.
Na Na and Ba Ba came to visit!
Na Na and I can now wear the same size shoe!
We are finding small ways to have fun, so this Friday our goal was to be in pajamas eating cookies by 3 p.m. We accomplished our goal!
Brody got a new bike because he left his old bike in the path of Mommy’s car. But this is a bigger bike, so it should last him through next summer!
I’m loving fall clothes and fall weather!
On Wednesday afternoons we’ve been taking turns at friend’s houses doing fun crafts and activities!
We are loving fall walks!
Henry has learned to tie his shoe!
We’ve been enjoying watching the Seahawks this year!
While outside writing his sight words in chalk, Brody wrote a special “I love you, Mom” message.
I’m taking dance breaks in between class meetings.
Henry was able to play soccer for the first time this year!
Henry has become very tenacious in soccer.
He scored a goal in his last game of the season!
Henry was chosen by his coaches as the MVP of his team and earned a soccer ball for the award.
We had our first-ever milkshakes after one of his games. Now we’re hooked!
Pumpkin ice cream from Ferdinand’s on one of our recess breaks.
Dance has started again for me!
Henry got to create a family tree for an assignment one day!
Brody uses his binoculars to watch his Zoom meetings.
There was a Friday we didn’t have school, so we booked a cabin for three nights at Wallowa Lake. When we knew we would be doing distance learning, we decided to build in a couple of these getaways.
The first day was beautiful, so we got out and about. Mini-golf was closed for the season, so we pretended to golf all 18 holes since it’s Brody’s all-time favorite activity.
We went on a beautiful three-mile hike!
After the hike we went on the go-karts. Brody went first with Daddy, and then I went next with Mommy while Daddy went with Henry.
Lots of games were played!
And snuggles on the rainy day!
We also had a m&m blind taste test, as well as voted on our family favorite.
Daddy and I won the blind taste test with the most correct guesses.
Pretzel ended up being our family favorite!
On their way home from soccer one night, Henry and Mommy heard on the radio that it was National Dessert Day. So they surprised all of us by baking pumpkin cookies!
Mommy found a coupon code for Kiwi Crates, so we got our first shipment of those last month. The boys got the Kiwi Crates that relate to building and engineering.
I got the Kiwi Crate that relates to learning about the world and atlases.
One of our local tree farms turns into a pumpkin patch for a couple of weekends, so we went to join the fun!
Mommy and I were very excited to wear boots and cute sweaters!
We’re baking tons of yummy fall treats! This was a pumpkin coffee cake!
Daddy wrote a Battleship computer game for us to play.
Henry has a new favorite book series that he asks to read each morning with Mommy.
Focus for a kindergartener during distance learning is lacking.
This is what recess looks like right now!
We had one of the earliest snows we can remember on 10/23!
As soon as school was done, we ran out to enjoy it!
We carved pumpkins last weekend, and started with the pumpkin pizza for lunch!
We all worked really hard and did most of the work on our own!
Snuggles during football!
Henry worked for hours on this Perler Bead creation.
As we near Halloween, this is what the kindergarten costume party looks like.
Brody was very excited to be a hamster!
Mommy had to step in and give the boys some insight during this recess break.
And I get to dance (with Ivy) in my fox costume!

Okay, there you go! Phew! You’re caught up! It’s been an interesting, different, and fun fall so far!

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