My First Day of Kindergarten

Story told by: Brody

I’ve been so excited all summer for my first day of kindergarten! That day arrived yesterday! It was distance learning, but I was still excited to get to meet my teacher and classmates online.

My first-day-of-school cereal!

My special jammies that I picked out for the first day.

I just decided that I’d like to be a barber when I grow up.

My very own work station!

Kindergarteners Zoom right away at 8:30, so I got to meet my teacher, Miss Carrier, first thing!

In between my assignments, I did some coloring.

My teacher is in for a treat with lots of these video assignments coming her way.

Miss Carrier sent bubbles in our take-home packets.

Lunch with my siblings!

Mommy is about on maximum overload with managing our schedules, getting us into the right platforms at the correct time, and helping us with assignments. Daddy showed up with the most beautiful flowers for her at lunch time. He’s the best!

Another good friend dropped off coffee. Mommy is so grateful for her support team!

We ended the day doing P.E. I don’t love P.E. as much as Henry does, but I gave it a good try!

I really, really like my teacher! And I hope to start to get to know some kids on our class Zoom calls. Here’s to a strange, but good year of kindergarten!

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