Dance Recital, 2020

Story told by: Lainey

I had my dress rehearsal yesterday and was gearing up for my dance recital next weekend! They were going to let just one dance class into the auditorium at a time, and the immediate families could watch while spread far apart. Unfortunately new COVID regulations means that we just found out today that my in-person recital can’t happen. I was VERY disappointed. But Mommy talked with Chloe and Ani’s mom, and we decided we could do our very own recital! So while watching church we got to work!

Henry and Brody got to work on cutting out snowflakes for my background.
Just five hours later we had transformed our dining room into a winter wonderland!
My mommy’s friend, Kyndell, saw that my recital was cancelled, so she stopped by with balloons to add to the decorations. She’s the best!
These two reindeer helped to hand out tickets!
Sarah and Sean were our first guests to arrive!
Des and his family arrived next. We had special coloring activities for the boys to do during the performance.
The dancers getting ready in the green room (a.k.a my bedroom)!
The stage is set!
Chloe went first, and then I went second!
Ani was next!
And then Chloe finished the show with her second dance!
Ani and I were happily watching. The boys were happily coloring.
The final bow (that we hadn’t really practiced)!
Liz brought some yummy treats to enjoy after the performance!
Enjoying our treats!
Then some much-needed giggles!
It wasn’t the recital we had hoped for, but I’m still so grateful to have had the chance to perform and do what I love!
Such a fun and unexpected day!

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