Fourth of July, 2020

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great Fourth of July! We didn’t get to do our usual things like the Johnson Parade or the fireworks at Sunnyside Park, but we made the best of it with other really fun events!

We did get to start with our usual American flag waffles!

The O’Loughlins were hosting a lunchtime BBQ! They were hosting a “Most Patriotic Outfit” contest, so we definitely wanted to participate. Each of us kids came up with our own outfit!

I also used my eye shadow to paint on our faces.

Once we arrived at the O’Loughlin’s house, they knew how much we were missing the parade, so they put one on for us!

We love them! (Although, would it have killed them to throw candy at us?!)

The whole crew!

The guys!

The ladies!

Grandpa sent us a video of their Fourth of July, so we made this to send back!

Then the water gun and water balloon fight started!

The kids decided to attack the adults, so the adults started getting revenge.

Time for lunch!

Then Kan Jam started!

When it was time for the ladies to play, Sean captured Mommy’s intense effort to win.

And Mommy is very proud to announce they DID win!

We came home to rest, then grilled for dinner, and then did our own fireworks!

We sat and watched Daddy light off some fun firework fountains.

Then we got ready on our deck for the fireworks that were being shot from an “undisclosed location” in order to prevent groups from gathering. We had no idea if we’d be able to see them or not!

Then once they started and we found out we couldn’t see them from our main deck, we ran upstairs to the deck off of Mommy and Daddy’s room. We could see them just the tiniest bit through these bushes.

Henry and I watched the entire time and saw whatever we could.

Daddy and Brody gave up (and I’m pretty sure Daddy just went to sleep). It was a bit of a strange year, but still SUPER fun! However, we won’t complain if things are back to normal next year!

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