Mother’s Day, 2018

**This is the one day a year we let Mommy take over the blog to tell her story.**

Story told by: Mommy

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! The greatest gift the kids gave me was that they slept until 7:15!

Of course my body woke me up earlier than that, but Kylan made me a delicious breakfast to enjoy while I watched “Ellen.” Perfect!!

Henry was the first one to wake up, and went running right away to grab the adorable card he made with Kylan.

These two were up next with their cute cards.

Kylan got me a funny book that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. (And I may be blocking out a naughty word for the sake of this blog.)

Lainey loves holidays just as much as me! (In fact, she said a prayer just a few nights ago thanking God for holidays. Amen, little girl!) She wanted me to open presents before we left for church.

Henry made me an adorable bookmark at preschool. He was very excited to declare that it would work perfectly with my new book!

He also gave me a flower and a bird house that he decorated.

Lainey next gifted me with a book she made in kindergarten.

She also had an adorable mug for me to use!

Lainey sneakily asked me recently what my favorite animal was, and I told her a giraffe. Her class went to the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown a couple times over the past few weeks to make clay sculptures for Mother’s Day, and she made me my very own giraffe.

I attempted numerous pictures with the kids throughout the day, and there weren’t many where all of the kids were cooperating at the same time.

Before we left for church, the kids surprised me with a drawing they had made yesterday.

I made sure to get some delicious coffee to sip during Sunday School. A good morning treat!

The kids all made some adorable gifts in Sunday School. (Thanks, Miss Kassidy!)

After church, we went to Banyans for brunch and mimosas! And all the carbs!

We got to eat outside and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather and amazing view!

After brunch, we changed into Cougar clothes and headed to the baseball game.

The Cougs lost, but it was still a really enjoyable time.

The Barnes family was there, so the kids got to play with Eleanor and Owen.

And Natalie and I enjoyed our time together as well!

A shot of me and Kylan from Henry’s perspective.

It got pretty hot as the game went on, so the kids found whatever shade they could.

When we got home, Henry was really excited to plant his flower for me.

Henry told us that he learned in preschool that plants need water, so he made sure we watered it well.

We put the birdhouse right next to it!

Kylan made me a Moscow Mule, and then ordered me to come sit down to enjoy my book while he made dinner. No protesting from me!

Burgers and asparagus! This guy is the real MVP of the day. He made Mother’s Day so special.

This sweet guy loved picking all of the flowers out of our flower beds to bring to me while I read my book.

I ended the night reading with my sweet girl.

She’s very proud to announce that she’s starting to read chapter books!

Then today the celebrations continued with Muffins with Mom at Lainey’s school.

We filled out a fun questionnaire together.

It was a perfect day (plus a little extra this morning) with my wonderful family! I feel very appreciated and loved!

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