Last Day of (My First Year of) Preschool!

Story told by: Henry

Today is my last day in Mrs. O’Loughlin’s class! I’ve had such a fantastic year!

Mommy is crawling to the end of the school year. When it came time to wrap Mrs. O’Loughlin’s present, she realized that she hadn’t thought of wrapping paper. So she gets a uniquely-wrapped present!

Despite the weird wrapping, Mrs. O’Loughlin loved her new griddle from me and Weston.

Months ago, she mentioned to Mommy that she wanted one, so Mommy made sure to remember that detail.

We also gave her pancake mixes, syrup, and yummy jam.

She loved it!

Mommy, Natalie, and Christy were in charge of our party, and they had some great helpers with setup. The theme was a beach party, so while we were practicing for our closing ceremony, they whipped up the party.

We got to hunt through sand to find buried treasure. (Please note our adorable sand buckets).

We made a jellyfish craft, as well as painted seashells.

The kids have arrived!


Of course I found a spot with my best buddy, Weston.

My favorite thing was definitely the whale-termelon.

Mommy and Natalie had a lot of fun planning this party together. They make a good team!

After eating, it was time for crafts and games. First stop, digging for treasure.

Next I did the scavenger hunt.

Next up was fishing. I got some good prizes!

We also had beach ball bowling. I was pretty darn good at it.

Making my jellyfish (or my squid as I keep calling it).

Jonah needed some help with the scavenger hunt, so I made sure to give him some helpful hints.

Photo booth with Mommy!

Final blessing song from Mrs. O’Loughlin and Miss Stahlecker.

I’m really going to miss having them as my teachers. They’re so wonderful. But thank goodness I go to church with them, and Brody will be in their class in the fall!

When we got home, we took a picture showing the difference between my first day of preschool and my last day of preschool. I’m starting to look so big!

Tonight was my preschool closing ceremony (and graduation for my friends going off to kindergarten).

Each class took turns singing songs. My class got to do two songs. (This was actually Mrs. O’Loughlin’s two classes combined.) I’m in a blue shirt on the far left in the back row.

After the ceremony was done, we got to have some yummy snacks.

My other best buddy from class is Pierce. He’s headed to kindergarten in the fall, but he and I might get to wrestle together, so hopefully we’ll see more of each other.

And it wouldn’t be a true party day if it didn’t end in tears. But at least now I have summer and sunshine in my future. Can’t wait!

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