My Third (and somewhat pitiful) Birthday!

Story told by: Brody

I’m three today! I’ve been so excited for my special day!

It started out with a rather loud wake-up of “Happy Birthday.” I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as my family.

Before Daddy left for work, he showed me the new trapeze bar he installed on the playground as one of my birthday presents. I love it!

I picked out Unicorn Lucky Charms for my birthday cereal!

It was delicious!

After dropping Lainey off at school, we had a few minutes to play on my new present.

And then I had some time to myself because Henry got sent inside after refusing to share. (Listen closely to hear his fun tantrum from inside the house.)

Mommy had to volunteer in Lainey’s class, so Henry and I went to daycare for an hour. Ms. Dyan had special birthday presents for us!

Next we went to get ice cream at Ferdinand’s!

I got a free scoop that they split in half so I could share it with Henry.

I’m working on showing my age with my fingers – three!

When we got home, our neighbor, Guy, brought me some delicious Twinkies! I saw him at the WSU baseball game yesterday, and told him that I had just discovered Twinkies at my birthday party. He wanted to make sure I had more, and he upped the game by buying chocolate Twinkies!

So good!

After we picked Lainey up from school, I wanted to go to the park, but it was wet from the recent storm, so I chose to go to Planet 3 instead! About halfway through my time at Planet 3, Mommy found me just laying on the trampoline. I wasn’t acting normal, but since I always keep them guessing with my behavior, she thought I might be feeling a bit moody.

I was getting pretty whiny, but Mommy thought I might be hungry. We were on our way to meet Daddy for pizza, but had some time to kill, so we went to the library. We found Miss Kathleen there, and she pulled out the books to let us pick some for our birthdays! She’s the best!

I came over to pick a book, and then laid down on the floor.

We read our books on the bench until dinner.

At dinner, I didn’t want any pizza, and that’s when Mommy knew for sure something was up. Everyone had a quick dinner so we could get home.

About 30 seconds after getting out of the car, I threw up. And Mommy discovered that I was running a fever of 101.5. Not how I wanted to spend my birthday. But I insisted on still opening presents! Lainey bought me a minion with her very own money.

Grandma and Grandpa sent me minion movies!

Na Na and Ba Ba sent me frosting! They’re hilarious!

And cool minion motorcycle Legos!

Gma and Gpa gave me my very own Kindle! Now I have one just like Lainey and Henry!

I requested a chocolate m&m cake, but unfortunately I couldn’t eat it. Big bummer. Mommy and Daddy promised me that no one will eat any until I’m feeling better. Right after this, I went to bed. Not my best birthday, but I did have some fun moments. Let’s hope the other 364 days of being a three-year-old are better than this!

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