Christmas Program!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve been working on our Christmas program at church since the beginning of November, and today was the big performance day!

Henry was a star, Brody was an angel, and I was a shepherd (which is perfect for my career goal of a sheep farmer)!

We had a dress rehearsal before the performance and got a group shot of the whole crew.

We had some great motions to our songs.

The candles may have been a bit of a distraction to two-year-old angels.

For those of you who find us absolutely fascinating and really want to watch our songs, here you go!

Here are both the dress rehearsal and performance versions of “Away in a Manger.” In the performance version you can see a little bit of where I come on stage.

I’ll also give you two versions of “Camel Camel.” The first one shows more of Brody, the second one shows Henry being very distracted by shoving tinsel in his costume.

We came back to church tonight for the big Christmas dinner! The kids had their own tables.

Me and Chloe

Mommy and Daddy sat with the Hein and the Powers families.

After feasting on turkey, stuffing, casseroles, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, and much more, we hit the delicious dessert table! Yum!

And we ended the night with crafts. We love this church!!

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