‘Tis the Season!

Story told by: Brody

We’ve been enjoying all things Christmas-related lately!

Henry and I got to have a hot chocolate date with Mommy last week.

Within the first minute of trying to drink the hot chocolate, I had covered myself in it, so Mommy requested straws.

We had my friend, Desmond (and his family), over for a yummy brunch last weekend.

Thank goodness boys, girls, and adults each had their separate tables.

We went to Advent Craft Night at our church last weekend. We started with gingerbread houses. Henry foolishly put his together. I decided not to waste the time, and just got right to work on eating the gingerbread house components.

After all that work, Henry started eating his house.

Lainey’s masterpiece!

Mrs. O’Loughlin helped Lainey on another craft because Mommy was chasing me everywhere.

We enjoyed making stick figure people.

On Sunday morning, we joined Concordia Lutheran Church. It’s the church connected to Henry’s preschool, and we’ve been going there for the last few months. I, however, didn’t want our family to appear too perfect, so I made sure the congregation knew what they were in for.

We made sugar cookies to bring to our home group. Yum!

Henry’s preschool had a Parent’s Night Out where we all went to watch a movie, do crafts, and eat yummy snacks while Mommy and Daddy went on a date. It was a win-win for everyone!

I got to have a play date with Anastasia and Cleopatra this week.

Henry and I also got to have a fun play date with Weston at our house.

We still walk to pick up Lainey from kindergarten most days, but the walk is starting to get pretty darn chilly.

On Tuesday night we go to see Santa!! We were all excited! Lainey made sure to let him know she wants a Hatchimal, Henry told him about the Ninja Turtle castle, and I told him I’d like something related to PJ Masks.

After close observation, Lainey declared that this was the real Santa because his beard was attached to his face and she didn’t see any strings. She also said that she now knows that Santa has gray in his beard.

And here was my shining moment! Santa Butch!! I love this guy.

Mommy planned a fun Rudolph craft for us. But we hijacked it.

From right to left…1) The intended Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer craft (made by me…AKA Mommy), 2) Rudolph the Green-Nosed Reindeer (made by Henry). In a vest. That we made sure would still show his green belly button. 3) Pudding the Robot.

Friday was a great day in school for Lainey. She got to decorate gingerbread houses AND she got to have a pizza party that her class won from the firefighters a couple of weeks ago. She said she doesn’t want to eat her house because it looks too perfect (but that won’t stop me from trying to sneak a bite).

Today we woke up and went to our church for the annual Candy Cane Hunt. Before heading outside, we got to enjoy some crafts.

Time for the hunt to begin!

Lainey, Henry, and I were all together in the 0-5 age group.

And we’re off!

I found one candy cane right away, and hung on to it for the entire hunt. I was pretty content with it until Mommy convinced me to get this second candy cane.

Henry found five candy canes!

After the hunt we had a cupcake walk.

And then I demolished my cupcake (very little actually made it in my mouth).

Lainey and Mommy had a fun girls’ afternoon. They first went to do some Christmas shopping. Lainey wanted to purchase gifts for me, Henry, and Daddy with her own money.

She also couldn’t resist purchasing a little guitar for herself. She serenaded Mommy while they waited for lunch.

Tonight we did another one of our favorite Christmas traditions – the drive-thru nativity! We put on our Christmas PJs, piled in the front with Mommy and Daddy, and slowly drove through the parking lot of the church that hosts the nativity.

After finding out that the inn was full, we drove on to see baby Jesus, heard the angels singing, and got some delicious candy canes. We love this tradition!

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