Story told by: Henry

Today was my first day of gymnastics in the Tumble Tykes class. I’ve been so anxious to do t-ball or soccer with Lainey, but since I can’t do that until I’m three years old, Mommy thought gymnastics would be a perfect way for me to get some energy out.

I had no hesitation with sitting right down and doing stretches with my teacher.

We did some hops to the wall.

And some handstands.

Then we did some dancing, and I was pretty much a rock star (countless dance sessions in princess dresses have paid off).

When it came time for the obstacle course, I just went for it!

I often had to slow down for the other kids because I was cruising through the course.

We took turns jumping on the trampoline and diving into the foam pit. I told Mommy that this was my favorite part. (I attempt jumping on furniture and diving off of it at home, but for some reason it’s strongly discouraged.)

All smiles as my class wraps up.

My teacher gave me two stamps at the end of class.

I love gymnastics! For those of you who know me, you know jumping, climbing, and rolling is 100% me! I can’t wait for next week!

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