Fall – The Start of Fun, Football, and Fevers

Story told by: Henry

There is so much to love about fall, so we’re happy it’s here!

Mommy loves decorating for fall, so she was thrilled when Daddy built her this awesome sign!

Rainy fall days keep us inside for dance parties. Lainey and I convinced Brody that when you dance, you must wear a princess dress.

The downside of fall is that sickness often comes with it, and boy, we’ve sure been hit upside the head with sickness so far. After three days of a 103-degree temperature, Mommy brought me to see Dr. Mike to find out that I had a virus that closely mimicked strep throat (but since it was a virus, medicine couldn’t help). Fortunately my fever broke the day after I saw Dr. Mike.

The next day, while Lainey was at preschool, I went with Brody to his routine six-month post-tubes checkup. The tubes look great. One is looking like it will fall out soon (which is normal), and the other is going to stay put for awhile longer.

Lainey started AWANA again, and she loves it! I’m having major jealousy over all of these fun events, so I’m counting down the days until I turn three and can join.

Mommy reminded me, though, that while Daddy and Lainey go to AWANA, we get to do fun things with Mommy like go to the park…

…and play Candyland.

While the weather is still warm enough during the day, we also go to the park while Lainey’s in preschool.

And we have friends join us for park adventures as well. (Can you find me? I’m leading the way into the woods.)

Our apple and pear trees in our backyard have EXPLODED this year, so we’ve been helping Daddy pick the fruit.

So many apples!

While Mommy’s been chasing us around the house, Daddy has been hard at work turning those apples into applesauce.

We’ve filled two crockpots a night for the past few nights. This will give us some delicious applesauce to have all winter. (And tomorrow we may make an apple crisp. Yum!)

Then today it was time for my first Cougar football game! Mommy was supposed to join us (while Brody stayed with a babysitter), but Brody was throwing up most of last night due to a stomach bug. So we canceled the babysitter, Mommy stayed home with Brody to cheer the Cougs on from home, and Daddy took us to the game.

I was SO excited to see the “football teamers.”

Outside the stadium.

It rained the entire game, but that didn’t stop us. This ain’t Daddy’s first rodeo, so we came prepared.

We got a large bag of popcorn for the first half, and I helped myself to at least 75% of it.

What? A growing kid has to eat.

Brody had a fever all day, but was able to keep food down! He and Mommy watched the beginning of the game together, but then he took a long nap. (Mommy and Daddy also have pretty crummy colds, but nothing seems to phase them…they easily meet all of our needs no matter how they feel. The gallons of coffee they drink may have something to do with this.)

We got hot dogs at halftime. I took a few bites, and then licked off the ketchup. That’s it. Daddy says I may have had just a little too much popcorn.

We made it until the end of the third quarter before we got too wiggly and were ready to go. The Cougs won their game by a lot, so we didn’t miss too much. I absolutely loved the “football teamers” and came home to talk nonstop with Mommy about everything that I saw. Go Cougs!

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