While Daddy’s Away, We Will Play!

Story told by: Lainey

Daddy left for a work trip to North Carolina in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday. We miss him very much, but have managed to have lots of fun (and crazy) while he’s been gone.

Just hours before Daddy was scheduled to leave, Mya’s mommy called to say that she was in labor, and asked if Mommy could come get Mya. Mommy laughed (in a crazy, maniacal sort of way), and went to pick up a fourth child to add to the chaos. This is us up bright and early on Tuesday morning having breakfast together.

Mya and I wanted matching hair styles.

Around here we build castles on the table if we don’t want Brody to knock them down.

While Mommy cleaned up breakfast dishes, I read books to the two-year-olds.

We met up with friends that morning for playtime and a picnic at Sunnyside Park.

Henry got hurt at the playground, so Mya helped to comfort him on the way home.

Henry was sad about his owie, but perked right up as soon as we got home and put on our princess dresses.

After naps for the boys (and quiet time for the girls), we went to Moscow to run an errand. While we were there, we also got coffee for Mommy and muffins for the kids!

And then after Mommy took two sips of her coffee, it was spilled all over the floor of the clothing store we were browsing. Mommy once again laughed maniacally (that’s kind of the theme of the week), and went back to purchase another coffee. (Fortunately the coffee shop worker took pity on my poor, crazed mother, and gave her a new coffee for free.)

Then it was bath time once we got home! The boys had the tub all to themselves. They loved it!

While the boys were bathing, I read books with Mya.

Then it was our turn!

That night I got the special treat of sleeping in Mommy’s bed (which NEVER happens). I loved it!

The next morning we got up and went to story time at the library.

Mya and I wanted matching hair again!

Then after a quick trip to Wal-Mart (and to get cookies, of course), Mya went back to her house to start the adventure of living with a little brother. (Good luck, Mya…you’re going to need it.)

About an hour after Mya went home, Stella and her family arrived from Spokane to stay the night with us! (Stella’s daddy is also gone for a few days, so we thought it would be fun to entertain each other.)

I love the slide!

After dinner, we taught Stella how to play Sneaky Squirrel.

Stella and I wanted to have a sleepover! She got a little nervous around midnight, and went to sleep with her Mommy, but it was fun while it lasted! (Notice my new room that’s ALL MINE! The boys are sleeping together now, and Daddy has been hard at work painting my new room. It’s a work in progress, but Daddy managed to get enough done before he left for his trip so I could sleep in there!)

After we were asleep, Mommy and Crystal had some of their friends over for a movie night. Such a fun time!

The next morning we had Nicci, Cece, and Weston over to play with us and Stella.

Nicci, Stella, and I had a pretend sleepover in my room.

There was lots of giggling in my room.

After we played for awhile, all of us packed up and headed to McDonald’s for lunch and some play time!

Our play time abruptly came to an end when we noticed a young girl had an accident. So, we packed up and headed out, and Stella and her family drove back to Spokane. Thanks for a fun visit!

Later that evening we met Hazel and her family at the park for a picnic dinner. Afterwards, we played!

Hazel’s family brought brownies for dessert. Brody’s face is an even mixture of dirt and brownies. We were FILTHY after the park, so we needed some quick baths when we got home. After that, we immediately passed out!

This morning we met the Dobbins family to go on a walk to Ferdinand’s!

Yum! I chose strawberry, and Henry chose chocolate cookie dough.

That looks like a happy customer. Now we’re just hours away from Daddy arriving home, and we can’t wait! We won’t see him until tomorrow morning, but it will be a perfect way to start our weekend!

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