Klemgard Hike

Story told by: Henry

We were thrilled when we woke up to find Daddy home this morning! After breakfast, we decided that a hike out at Klemgard Park would be a fun morning adventure.

Brody got to ride in the hiking backpack with Mommy.

Ready to go! (If you look far into the distance, you’ll see that Lainey and I don’t wait for anyone.)

The start of the 3/4-mile hike.

While it wasn’t a very long hike, it was fairly steep for the first half, which put my little (but strong) legs to the test.

We took breaks to examine things along the trail. How was I to know that in this moment I was actually examining poop? I’m a scientist at heart…I explore it all!

Brody was as happy as can be freeloading on Mommy’s back.

At the times I got too tired, I could count on Daddy to practically drag me up the hill. (I really wanted Mommy to carry me, but she seemed to feel that the 30 extra Brody pounds on her back were enough. Ridiculous excuse.)

We reached the top, and we’re on our way back down!

The end of our hike! Success!

Then we spent awhile at the playground.

And finally a picnic lunch.

A fun morning with all five of us felt great!

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