A Jaunt to Spokane

Story told by: Lainey

We decided to take a trip to Spokane to visit a couple of our friends today! (Sorry to those friends we didn’t see today….we’ll try to visit you on the next trip!)

We started by visiting Mommy’s friend, Jessica, and her kids, Myla and Owen. We spent most of the morning in their backyard.

Myla’s brother, Owen, is almost three months old. Mommy enjoyed getting to meet him for the first time.

Myla and I spent lots of time on what I declared “my castle.”

Queen of the castle!

Myla is almost two, and when you’re almost two and tired, it’s not a good combination. This temper tantrum was the last we saw of Myla. Right before we left she went to bed, and according to her mommy, slept for hours. Thanks for a fun visit!

After leaving Myla’s house, we got to go to Stella’s house. Damien (who also moved to Spokane recently) was also there! We had a yummy lunch as soon as we arrived.

Damien had to leave so his little brother could take a nap, but we stayed to hang out with Stella for a few hours.

We spent quite a bit of time outside, and when it got too hot (hence our red faces), we came inside to play.

Some quick sidewalk chalk art before we left.

The aftermath of our play date.

Mommy and Crystal got a quick picture before we left. As we left, Brody was asleep before we left their street, and Henry and I were out before we hit I-90. Fun, exciting days with lots of friends will wear you out!

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