The End is in Sight

Story told by: Lainey

The end of summer is near! I have less than four weeks until preschool starts, so we’re packing in as much as we possibly can into those weeks!

We had our church home group over for a BBQ.

We enjoyed the water on the hot day!

Brody enjoyed hanging out with Allison (who was one of Mommy’s third graders years ago).

Henry gobbled up the ice cream for dessert.

Henry is exercising his independence by dressing himself (quite perfectly, might I add).

We had one rainy day recently, so while Brody was taking a nap, Henry and I made some fish with Mommy. (Thanks to Aunt Jaffer for the idea!)

I was building a castle during the boys’ nap time, and then Brody woke up. I’m very patient with him (although I don’t seem to have that same patience for another little boy who lives in this house), so I wasn’t too upset when he knocked over my castle moments after this picture.

We got together with friends for April’s baby shower at the park. (Mya’s going to be a big sister any day now.)

We have lots of play dates at the park with friends. Brody and Anastasia sure have fun swinging together.

We also love having friends over to our house! Hazel and I love eating the apples off our tree (while Henry enjoys taking one bite, hiding them under the couch, and waiting for Mommy to find them days later).

I finished t-ball for the summer! We had the BEST coaches!

Mommy and I put together the team gift for the coaches.

The gift included some fun rice krispie treats (which we also served for the team snack that night).

We haven’t been able to go to the farmer’s market in awhile because we’ve been out of town, so it was fun to go and get some giant cookies!

Henry has a unique way of eating his cookie.

We ran into Mya while we were there! She got a horse for her balloon animal, and Henry got a dog.

I was thrilled to get a pig!

After the farmer’s market, we went to lunch with Micah, Riley, and Elliot.

Then while the adults finished their meals, we played on the playground in the middle of the restaurant’s courtyard. Mommy says it’s genius!!

Later that night we had the Davis family over to watch the Olympics, and Eric made some delicious ice cream sundaes for us to eat!

Every time Brody sees Mommy pull out her phone to take a picture, he stops and says, “Cheese.” Mommy has this kid trained!

We still love going to story time, and make it there almost every week. (Here we are with Ivy.)

Daddy was in Boise for work last week, so we had the privilege of going with Mommy to get the oil changed.

Snacks lasted us approximately one minute, so we had another 37 minutes to destroy the dealership.

Lainey made a sign for Daddy to greet him when he came home a few days ago. “Welcome Home Daddy.”

The next night we had a movie night to watch “Finding Nemo,” and Brody kept stealing Henry’s popcorn.

Henry wasn’t thrilled.

And then Brody stole Henry’s seat. (Henry has abused poor Brody in so many ways, so Mommy let Brody reign for once.)

Henry has had a cold, and his coughing kept him up for hours one night. Around 1 a.m. Mommy gave up and let Henry watch the iPad. He was one happy dude.

Mommy often walks into the room to find me reading to Brody.

I’m really gentle with him.

Mommy and Daddy were going out with some friends, so here we are waiting for our babysitter, Rosie, to arrive. We were VERY excited.

And Mommy and Daddy were very excited to go out with a bunch of Mommy’s teaching friends from her pre-kid life. What a great night!

After church this weekend, we met friends at the pool/splash pad.

And much of our last week has been focused on the Olympics! If we don’t have it on downstairs, we’ll watch it on the iPad! Henry is often heard yelling, “Go ‘Merica! ‘Merica!”

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