Spring Weather!

Story told by: Henry

Over the last few days, some beautiful weather has finally arrived! We love it!

This is a block from our house! We love walking down the street to find the horse, and then play at the school playground across the street.

We love meeting friends at the park. Lainey was a good swing pusher for Brody.

While Lainey and Brody have fun with the swings, I’m over by the merry-go-round rolling in mud and jumping in puddles. Mommy learned that I will ALWAYS need a change of clothes when we go to the park.

I eventually came over to join in the swing fun, but I only lasted for about one minute. You can’t restrain me for long!!

After swinging and playing on the playground, we went with our friends to feed the ducks. I was handed a piece of bread, and I immediately ate it. Oh, that was for the ducks? You should have told me that.

While we play at our house, Brody crawls around and finds things to eat off the ground.

Mommy and Daddy bought a new balance bike for me, so now I can join Lainey on a bike ride! This was my first time on the bike. It’s really common for kids to walk with the bike at first, but I’m sure I’ll be sitting on the seat and riding in no time.

I wanted to try Lainey’s bike for a little bit, so she tried to help me.

I didn’t want her help.

Can you find me on the ground?

Nothing like eating some delicious chalk.

Mommy didn’t want to cook dinner a couple of days ago. Since the weather was beautiful, we took pizza to the park. Perfect!

In each of these pictures, I’m focused on my true love —- food.

Brody can only eat so many leaves before Daddy just decides to carry him around for a bit.

Lainey had another fun morning of soccer.

Daddy spent most of the weekend working in the yard. He’s a champ!

Brody’s favorite thing recently has been waving.

So while Lainey and I ran around the yard, Brody sat in one spot waving at Mommy. What a goofy kid!

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