Easter, 2016

Story told by: Brody

Today was my first Easter!

We woke up bright and early to find out that the Easter Bunny had come. (Apparently a rabbit carrying a ton of gifts breaks into our house, and then neatly displays them on our table for us. Yeah, that’s plausible.)

The Easter Bunny also delivered some books and bags of goodies from Illinois as well.

When Henry saw the table, he was stunned and couldn’t move. Lainey helped to direct him to his side of the table.

Lainey got Henry excited for his Spiderman Duplo kit.

Exploring my basket of goodies.

Henry was very excited about his new Elmo DVD.

Henry started yelling when he realized his Spiderman motorcycle wouldn’t fit through the tunnel. (That kid has got to learn to take a deep breath.) Thankfully Daddy came to the rescue to show him how to make it work.

The Easter Bunny brought some new dresses for Lainey’s doll.

Daddy made us some fun pancakes for breakfast!

Time for some sibling shots before we head off to church.


And family shots. (I clearly had much better things to do than look at the camera.)



Moments after this picture, Henry fell down the stairs and into a puddle. As we say in our family, it’s just Henry being Henry.

After this, we spent the morning at church celebrating that Jesus is risen! Jesus has overcome and the grave is overwhelmed. Praise God!

After church and naps, we went to Willa and Royal’s house for a delicious Easter dinner with friends. After dinner, we went outside for a very cold and windy egg hunt.

I’m not quite old enough to participate, but I cheered on the big kids while they searched for eggs.

A picture of the kids…Willa, Royal, Lainey, Henry, Brody, and Mya.

Such a fun Easter day with weather ranging from sunshine to rain to hail. It sure kept us on our toes!

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