Painting, Parks, and Pretty Cute Kids!

Story told by: Lainey

We had a wonderful week with this wonderful weather!

Brody and his buddy, Axel, are as cute as can be together!

Watching the big kids on the playground.

Some cute laughs out of this kid after bath time one night. (Now that we’ve had lots of nice weather, we also get baths EVERY night because we are covered in dirt!)

We did a fun craft to make cherry blossom trees. It was easy as could be with just q-tips and paint!

The finished product!

One of our favorite things to do is to walk to the skate park, and then run, climb, and jump all over the place. It’s great because there aren’t as many tall drop-offs like on some park play structures (which Henry has taken running leaps off of), and there isn’t as much bark or rocks for Brody to eat. We took  Cleopatra and her sister there last week!

On our walk back to our car we collected treasures.

We found a ladybug!

Since we’re always on the go, Brody rarely gets a morning nap at home. Thank goodness this kid is so mellow, and takes a nap whenever and wherever!

We typically take it easy for a couple of hours in the afternoon so the boys can sleep. One afternoon I helped Mommy make some cookies.

I have a favorite ingredient!

After dinner that evening, this was Henry’s reaction to learning that he wouldn’t be getting a second cookie.

While grocery shopping one day, we picked up some new Batman sunglasses for Henry.

He LOVES them!

Here’s to hoping we don’t have to hear him scream anymore about the sun in his eyes.

This week is Spring Break, which means no preschool. Since Ivy is in Monday, Wednesday, Friday preschool and I’m on Tuesday, Thursday, we can finally spend some time together this week!

We played inside for a bit, but we couldn’t resist heading outside to play!

Here’s why we need baths every night.

When hanging out at home in the afternoons, we love bike rides (Henry gives up on his bike halfway around the block, and just starts running).

Climbing up high!

I was brave enough to go down the pole all by myself!

Hanging out on the monkey bars.

Mommy tried to convince Henry to race, but he just wasn’t feelin’ it.

It’s been 75 degrees, so we broke out the sandals!

This kid needs to learn to walk! Mommy doesn’t want to have a crawler this summer, so she’s been trying to encourage him to walk.

Even though he isn’t walking, Brody is sure doing some other cute things!

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