Christmas, 2015

Story told by: Brody

It’s my first Christmas!! Lainey hasn’t stopped talking about today, so my hopes were high for a fun day!

I woke up first to find out that Santa had come last night!

After eating a bottle, Mommy and Daddy put some reindeer antlers on my head. (Apparently Lainey and Henry had also worn these on their first Christmases, so I tolerated it for the sake of tradition.)

Lainey and Henry were awake by 5:45, and excited to find their presents! Lainey recently visited Santa just so she could tell him that she wanted an Anna doll and a matching Anna dress. She wasn’t disappointed.

While we waited for everyone else to wake up, we opened stockings!

I got a rattle with cookie monster on it. (Henry sure talks about this guy a lot, so I’m sure I’ll love it.)

Henry got an AMAZING utensil set. I can’t wait until I can use a fork and spoon!

It didn’t Lainey long to put on her dress! She loves it!

Uncle Jaron and Aunt Tiffany gave Lainey an umbrella that she used right away!

The first official gift opened of Christmas was a present Lainey made for Mommy and Daddy at preschool. She couldn’t wait for them to open it! It was some beautiful ornaments on which she worked very hard.

I could only handle so much Christmas excitement before I got tired, so while I took a quick nap, everyone kept opening presents.

Lainey loved her princesses!

Henry put his truck magnets to use right away.

Na Na made Henry and Lainey some amazing Cougar capes!

Cougar to the rescue!!

Aunt Tiffany helped Lainey with some coloring.

Henry loves his car carrier!

I woke up from my nap and got right to work eating paper.

Daddy gave Mommy the perfect mug.

I got an awesome dancing alien. It appears I may need to share with my siblings.

Our cousin, Graham, sent us some great presents. One of the presents was a cookbook for Lainey. She started picking out recipes as soon as she opened it!

Grandma and Grandpa gave Henry a trampoline so this crazy kid can get out some energy. Henry was very helpful while Daddy put it together.

It’s a hit!

For the rest of the day we played games, watched movies, and had a yummy Christmas dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and apple pie). Lainey ended the day by trying to apply her new Christmas lotion. What a perfect ending to a perfect day. Merry Christmas!

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