Top Ten of 2015

Our top moments of 2015:

10.We love the above-average amount of snow we’ve received! We’ve done lots of sledding and snowman-making.

9. Kylan put up a 40-foot ham radio tower.

8. We faithfully cheered our Cougs to a bowl game, and they won!!

7. Kylan had an emergency appendectomy.


6. Lainey had her dance recital in June.

5a. We flew to the Midwest in September to visit family (and Lainey was lucky enough to get a giant swan).

5b. Four generation-picture from our Midwest trip.

4. After climbing out of his crib, Henry graduated to a toddler bed.

3. The kids all continue to love their swim lessons.

2. Lainey started preschool.

1. Brody Thomas arrived on May 7th and made us a family of five!



What a great year! We love laughing together and enjoying the life with which God has blessed us. Looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us. (But seriously, 2016, if you didn’t have any babies in store for us, that would be A-0kay with this family.) Happy New Year!

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