Christmas Eve, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

On Christmas Eve we got dressed in our nice Christmas clothes for our Christmas Eve church service.

I have been talking about this dress and my sparkly shoes for at least a month. I was SO excited that it was finally time to wear them!

We attempted a family picture, but that’s about as difficult as herding cats.

The best of the family pictures.

Na Na and Ba Ba ready to go!

Uncle Jaron and Aunt Tiffany in their nice clothes!

One last picture with Na Na before we head to church!

When we arrived home from church, I discovered that Santa had brought us a present!! (I made everyone aware of this present with lots of squealing.)

We ripped into the present to find PJs and books from Santa. (He must have made a quick stop to deliver this present, and will come back later for the big haul.)

Christmas pajamas!

Henry and I immediately sat down to read our books. It appears that Santa couldn’t decide on just one book, so he had to bring us two books.

I love the books about Pout, Pout Fish, so Santa gave me the Christmas version of this book.

And Henry loves Little Blue Truck, so he was very excited to see this book!

Reading our books with Daddy.

Leaving cookies for Santa! Now off to bed because SANTA IS COMING!!!!

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