Finger Painting

Story told by: Henry

Mommy thought it would be a brilliant idea to try finger painting with me for the first time today.

Well, in spite of her showing me what to do, I put the paint in my mouth as soon as she put it down. This is because when I’m in my high chair, I eat. Obviously.

Turns out the paint doesn’t taste great (but it is safe for me to put in my mouth).

I did attempt some painting just to make Mommy happy.

But then I had to sneak a taste just to see if it had changed in the last two minutes.

Nope. Still just as gross.

Meanwhile Lainey happily enjoyed some taste-free finger painting.

We added in some orange paint, which I attempted to use correctly.

Lainey loved showing off her messy hands.

She was going for the mud puddle look on her paper.

Time to wash those hands!

Lainey’s finished product!

While Lainey was cleaning up, Mommy introduced red paint, and things went downhill quickly from here. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

I just can’t stop eating it. Please make it stop.

After getting cleaned up, Mommy took a picture of my piece of art. Thanks for a great experience, Mom. Never again. Ever.

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