My Dance Recital – 2019

Story told by: Lainey

I had my sixth dance recital last night!

Mommy was part of the Dance Mom Squad that helped to organize the details of being in a new venue.

First up was my tap dance!

Ivy and I have been dancing together since we were two (as have most of the girls in my class).

Dance one! I’m fourth from the right.

Next up, my lyrical dance.

This is how we save our costumes while eating dinner.

Dance two! I’m fourth from the right again.

Now back to the original costume with jazz shoes this time for our hip hop dance.

Dance three! I’m fourth from the left.

And the closing number…the father-daughter dance! This was optional, but Daddy and I knew we had to participate. We’re in the middle in the front. The BEST way to end the night!!

After all of the dancing, trophies were given out. This was the moment for which I’d been waiting. There were about ten of us given our six-year trophies, which means we’ve been with Ms. Brooke since the program started.

Ivy and I checking out our trophies. I am happy to report that it’s taller than all of my other trophies AND part of this trophy glows in the dark!

Mommy and Daddy brought me flowers.

Our class had flowers for the fantastic Ms. Brooke. We love her!

Niki and Cece both came to support me and had a special flower for me as well! They’re the best!

The boys stayed with a babysitter tonight, so I had Mommy and Daddy all to myself.

My favorite dancing partner of the night.

Kym (Mommy’s former teaching partner) also got to watch me dance!

After the recital, we went to Lumberyard for dinner, which consisted of ice cream and mozzarella sticks for me!

We found Mirabel’s and Daisy’s families there, so we got to eat and play together. A great end to another fantastic recital!

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