End of Preschool/Closing Ceremony

Story told by: Henry

We had our last days of preschool last week!

Mommy and Sarah helped to plan a Teddy Bear Picnic party for Thursday (Brody’s party) and Friday (my party).

Mommy had some fantastic moms come help with setup on Thursday morning!

When the kids arrived, they found a picnic blanket and first got to hear Mrs. O’Loughlin read the book, “Teddy Bear Picnic.”

Everyone got to bring their bear!

Building a bear bridge.

Brody did a sack race with his teacher, Mrs. King.

Enjoying picnic food!

Mommy with Sarah and Mrs. O’Loughlin

Miss Tietjen helped kids make teddy bear headbands.

Ring toss.

Honeycomb necklaces with Mr. Phil.

Photo booth!

Brody’s last blessing song from Mrs. King and Miss Tietjen.

He had a great year with them!

On Thursday night we had our closing program. We started at the photo booth.

Lainey made sure to wear her “Best Sister” shirt to show her support for us.

Not only was it closing program, but it was my graduation night! I am ready for kindergarten!

Time for the closing program to start!

Brody’s class went first with their song.

Then my class!

Then it was time for each of the graduates to be called up to receive our certificate and receive our words from our teachers.

The four words they picked that perfectly describe me are: adventurous, athletic, resourceful, and courageous.

All of the kids in Concordia Lutheran Preschool. We love this school!

After the ceremony, we went downstairs for lots of yummy treats.

And more photo booth fun with Emily and Kassidy, two college girls who we adore.

And a picture of the group of preschool graduates from Concordia Lutheran Church!

On Friday morning, it was time for my party and last day of preschool! Sarah and Sean were part of the setup crew that day.

We all brought our bears!

It was a rainy, drizzly day so we had the canopy set up for the reading of “Teddy Bear Picnic.”

Picnic food!

Watermelon with Weston.

Sack race with Miss Stahlecker.

Honeycomb necklaces.

Photo booth!

But moments before the photo booth, someone caught Mommy using mom spit to clean cupcake off from all over my face. So gross, Mom!

We had some activities inside for my party due to the cold, rainy day.

And time for my final blessing song ever, which made everyone cry a lot.

I love these two teachers.

Kindergarten, ready or not, here we come!

And here I am on my very first day of preschool when I was three years old, to my very last day when I am five years old. I’m looking so much older!

To end my extra special day, Mommy and I went on a date to Taco Bell. I’ve been asking to go to Taco Bell since I could speak, and today was my first day ever. I loved it! Now, on to summer!!

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