Wedding Weekend in St. Louis (Part One)

Story told by: Henry

Lainey and I were invited to be in a wedding in St. Louis for Mommy’s cousin, Jennifer. Daddy needed to save his vacation time, so he stayed in Washington, and for the first time ever, Mommy flew alone with all three of us!

Daddy drove us to the airport, helped get our bags checked, and then we were on our own with Mommy! Here we go!

Watching for our first plane to arrive.

Our first flight to Denver went really well. This happened with Henry about two minutes into our time in Denver.

When we got to Denver, we had a four-hour layover. After discovering the Denver airport had done away with their play area, Mommy got us ice cream.

Around hour two of our layover, things started to go downhill. Brody was tired and just wasn’t having anymore of it. We found an empty area, and played for awhile.

Mommy was trying to save our screen time for the plane, but with an hour left in the layover, she gave in. Thanks, Brody. Mission accomplished.

Our second flight into St. Louis was really late, but went really well. This is the first time on a plane where Brody has some attention span to watch a show. Between shows and lots of apple juice and snacks, it was a success!

We made it!

Brody didn’t nap one wink all day. We didn’t get back to the hotel until after midnight, and this kid was practically comatose.

On Friday morning, Brody was the first to wake up, so he and Grandpa had a breakfast date.

Then we all left to head to the Gateway Arch. We rode the MetroLink downtown, and got to go over the Mississippi River.

Touching the Arch!

Waiting in line for the Arch like any normal person.

Time to head up to the top of the Arch in the teeny, tiny trams.

We managed to fit all six of us in the tram!

In spite of playing downtown all day, we were still wide awake at 10 p.m. when Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jar Jar flew in from Phoenix.

But, don’t worry…even with a late bedtime, we were still up bright and early for breakfast with Grandpa. No time for sleep on this trip!

Grandma had to run some errands on Saturday morning, so we had pool time with Grandpa and Mommy.

After swimming, it was wedding time! I was the ring bearer and Lainey was the flower girl. When Mommy asked me to stand up straight in this picture, I insisted on laying my head on Lainey “…because it’s so lovely.” Mommy couldn’t argue with that.

Entertaining ourselves in the back while waiting for the wedding to start.

Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jar Jar hung with Brody.

A pre-wedding picture with the beautiful bride!

Mommy with the beautiful bride, Jennifer, and her twin sister, Lauren. Cousins!

Ready to walk down the aisle with my pillow! I went first, and did a great job!

Next up, Lainey. She also did great, and was followed by the bride!

Wedding time!

Snacks kept us nice and quiet during the wedding.

After the wedding, we had some time to kill while the wedding party took pictures. We snuggled up and watched some shows together.

Reception time! Since Daddy wasn’t there, everyone helped Mommy out with us crazy hooligans.

Uncle Jar Jar had everyone making silly faces.

Uncle Jeff is pretty silly.

After dinner, we took some funny pictures.

Grandma and Grandpa!

And we ended the night with some REALLY fun dancing. (Please note my awesome moves.)

Congratulations, Jennifer and Drew! Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

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