Wedding Weekend in St. Louis (Part Two)

Story told by: Lainey

After a late night at the wedding, we woke up for another fun-filled day in St. Louis!

We headed down to Ballpark Village, which is right outside of Busch Stadium.

There are some fun restaurants in Ballpark Village!

We chose the restaurant with a giant TV so we could watch the Cardinals play in their away game.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to watch any of the game because of a rain delay, but we did get to meet Fredbird for the first time!

After lunch, we went on a tour of Busch Stadium.

Our tour guide took us up into some of the cool stadium suites.

There was a lot of Cardinals’ history given during the tour. I did a pretty good job of listening, but the boys were not entertained. Mommy and Grandma took turns keeping them quiet and entertained.

The best part of the tour is getting to go on the field and into the dugout. Except WE COULDN’T! When booking the tour, we didn’t know that a little league game would be going on, so the main part that Grandma and Grandpa thought would entertain us, we didn’t even get to do. Big bummer!

Mommy’s cousin, Michael, and his girlfriend were in town from San Francisco, so they joined us for the tour as well. We didn’t get a great tour, but Grandma and Grandpa did buy us some cool new t-shirts at the Cardinals’ store!

Uncle Jeff has his 27th birthday coming up, so we did an early birthday celebration for him at Red Robin.

And then we had a cookie cake waiting for him back at the hotel.

On Monday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It’s a phenomenal zoo, but everyone gently tried to convince me to go to the warm science center because it was 35 degrees!!! But the boys and I were set on the zoo, so my incredible family came along for the freezing cold fun

We first stopped by the polar exhibit.

The neat thing about coming on such a cold day is that the animals were so much more active than in the hot summer months!

Nothing numbs your fingers more quickly than wind on a carousel ride on a 35-degree day!

Brody was insistent that he just wanted to sit on a bench.

Mommy took this picture to document the ice on the tail of the elephant.

When we just couldn’t stand it anymore, we would find inside exhibits to thaw out.

In the butterfly dome, Henry stood here for three minutes because he really wanted a butterfly to land on his finger.

Around 1:00, the sun started coming out, and it was glorious!

The elephants were the loudest we’ve ever heard!

After lunch, it warmed up to 40 degrees, and with the sun out, it felt like a heat wave!

I was most excited to see the zebras!

Brody wanted to be carried a lot, so the adults took turns carrying this dainty kid around the zoo.

Our last stop was to see the monkeys! After this, we had to say bye to Uncle Jar Jar and Uncle Jeff. Thank you for being so fun this weekend! After saying goodbye to them, we drove back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Illinois for some fun days with them!

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