Father’s Day Weekend Camping Trip, 2017

Story told by: Lainey

Over the weekend we went to Farragut State Park in Athol, Idaho with the Davis family for a fun weekend of camping!

It’s about a 2 1/2-hour drive, so as soon as we arrived, Henry had to get right down to business.

It started to rain a tiny bit when we arrived, so I was helping Daddy quickly put up the tent.

We didn’t quite have the rain fly on yet when it really started pouring rain. Daddy quickly finished the tent, while the boys and I hung out in the dry car.

Our first night was a loooooooong night. It was really cold, and Brody wasn’t loving the tent. He kept asking to get out. And he screamed a lot because he was nervous. He ended up in Mommy and Daddy’s bed just so he wouldn’t wake the rest of the campground up at 1 a.m. We were all up by 4:55 a.m., and had an early breakfast of sugary cereal (as well as a campfire to thaw us out).

We also checked out the playground.

After a bit, the Davis family joined us.

Daddy made a delicious breakfast, and then we started up a baseball game.

Mommy and Brody hung out to watch the baseball game (and it had the added bonus of keeping Brody from getting hit in the head with a bat).

We went on a walk, and I really wanted to help push the boys in the double stroller. Turns out it’s a bit heavy for me.

Daddy and I then did the pushing together.

Heading down to Lake Pend Oreille.

Bathing suits weren’t really on Mommy’s radar for this camping trip, so we made do with underwear, diapers, and rolled-up pants.

I took this picture of Mommy and Daddy relaxing on the beach.

The whole crew.

We came back to the campsite to have lunch and relax for a bit.

Once Keziah and Brody were asleep, us big kids got to go on a picture scavenger hunt with our daddies.

We found lots of cool things on our hunt!

Henry has been doing pretty well in underwear lately, but he did have a small poopy accident on our trip. His underwear went in the trash because Mommy wasn’t bringing that home in the car.

Brody and Elliot went for a walk around the campground. (On a side note, Brody got completely and utterly lost earlier in the day. We’re talking down several hills, FAR away from Mommy. That kid is quiet and just wanders away. Mommy’s heart was racing while all of the adults were looking for him. Fortunately some nice campers were hanging out with him, and heard Mommy calling for him. He’s a quiet ninja who easily slips away.)

We had tacos for dinner!


And, finally, S’MORES!!! I’ve been waiting for this since our last camping trip of last summer.

Hard to eat, but so. darn. good.

Brody’s first s’more!

The adults!

After the little kids went to bed, we requested some spooky stories.

I even told a story of my own.

After all of us went to bed (and conked out immediately), the adults played Ticket to Ride. It was Mommy’s first time, and she was HORRIBLE at this game. We’re talking the-worst-they’ve-ever-seen bad. But it was still fun!

The next morning was Father’s Day! As a special treat for the daddies, we cooked cinnamon rolls over the fire. (Just in case you’re wondering, we all slept MUCH better! Thank goodness for some sleep!)

We even brought egg-free cinnamon rolls so Henry could enjoy a yummy breakfast as well!

Then it was time to start packing up the campsites. We played some games to pass the time.

Mommy also took all of us to the playground for awhile. Brody had a few happy moments….

….but he was mostly feeling the exhaustion of camping.

After packing up, we drove down to the water for a picnic.

And for some play time in the extremely cold water.

After playing for a bit, it was time for the drive home. And giant coffees! (We passed out within minutes of leaving the coffee stand.)

Once we arrived home, it was almost dinner time. So we quickly unpacked the car, took baths, and then ate a yummy dinner. Daddy wanted to grill, and since it’s his special day, he got what he wanted!

After dinner it was time for presents and cards.

A special card I made with a picture of me and Daddy.

Our present to Daddy. He really liked it! After presents we had some apple pie, and then we happily went to bed. What a great weekend! Can’t wait for more camping this summer!

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