Swim with Dede, 2017

Story told by: Henry AND Lainey

**First part told by Henry**

Summer means time for swimming with Dede! And better yet! It was my first year to do it! After watching Lainey swim with Dede for the past two years, I was so excited for my turn.

I could barely contain my excitement on the first day.

This is what Lainey did during my lesson.

Once I get in, though, I wasn’t super comfortable bobbing in the water. So I spent the first day half in, half out of the pool. Don’t worry, though, Dede straightened me out (as she does with everyone).

On day one, everyone goes off the diving board, and Dede goes off with each of us to start.

By day two, I was ready to go on my own! No fear!

At the end of each lesson, we have 15 minutes of free time, and we get to do the slide!

Mommy and Lainey got in with me for quite a few of the free times.

Nora was in my class, so Mommy and Natalie had lots of fun time together.

I was also very confident that I could do everything by myself. And I voiced that opinion CONSTANTLY. Thank goodness Dede is a very patient woman.

Na Na was with us for the entire first week of swim so she could stay with Brody while he napped (thank you, Na Na!!). But one day they both got to come watch me swim!

And we all got to swim during free time.

Dede watched Brody jumping in and said he will be more than ready for his turn at lessons next summer!

As we started the second week, I became much more confident at swimming across the pool.

On our second to last day, we took a few minutes to read a book about the importance of water safety.

On our last day of class, Dede turned the water on the slide. It was fast!

Dede always gives away suckers on the last day! Thank you, Dede, for a great two weeks of swimming!


**Second part told by Lainey**

Henry’s lesson was every day from 12:30 – 1:30, but my lesson didn’t start until 2:30, so we had an hour to kill in between lessons. So after watching Henry each day, we went back to the car where our pillow beds, snacks, coloring activities, games, and movies awaited us.

And then it was finally time for my lessons! I loved being with Evan, Ivy, and Brock again.

On the first day, we started working with kickboards.

The diving board is my favorite!

Henry got in for some free swim time with me.

But while sitting during my lesson, he was pretty content with the iPad.

We got right into swimming the length of the pool.

We also started working on diving.

We really focused on long, slow strokes.

There were some cold, rainy days where the mommies weren’t thrilled about getting in, so Ivy and I entertained each other.

We are allowed to use goggles during free time, so Henry and I took full advantage of that.

Mommy, Christy, and Samm all enjoyed their time together during my lesson.

Mommy took this picture to show that Dede’s pool is on their farm in the middle of gorgeous wheat fields. That’s hard to beat!

And my final picture of swimming!

Looking forward to next summer when all three of us are taking lessons!

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