The Fun-Filled Days of Summer

Story told by: Lainey

We had VBS every morning this week at church! Mommy was the M.C., I got to be in the preschool class, and the boys were in the nursery.

Mommy stayed busy with her duties all morning, but she did manage to catch a couple pictures of me during game time.

It was such a fun week! Next year I’ll be in the class for kids entering kindergarten, and Henry will be in the preschool class.

While in the nursery, Henry got to play with Emma (which he LOVED), and read books to her.

On one of the last days of VBS, Mommy called my preschool class up on stage to sign out the weekly verse. We had such a great teacher (Miss Kate) to work on this with us!

On the same day that we started VBS, I also started t-ball that evening. I get to be with several of my friends, including Ivy!

At the same time I got my t-ball mitt, Henry got some new goggles. He loves them!

I started by warming up with Ivy.

And then I was assigned to my team. Time to play ball (which is a phrase to be used very loosely when discussing four-year-old t-ball)!

Learning to catch the ball.

I also am learning to bat, but don’t want to be weighed down by the batting helmet when running.

Henry finds plenty of ways to entertain himself while I’m playing t-ball.

Aniston keeps him company for awhile.

Daddy also entertains Henry by rolling down the hill with him. I have six more weeks of softball, so I’m sure Henry will find plenty of mischief to get into!

Brody is as cute as ever! I like to call him, “Chunky Monkey.”

Of the three of us kids, he’s the best snuggler!

And he loves giving big, wet, slobbery kisses.

He’s really starting to like slides.

Na Na and Ba Ba came to visit this weekend!

We went out to dinner with them on Friday night, and thank goodness our kids’ meals came with ice cream!

Brody tried a lemon, and wasn’t too sure of it.

Na Na, Ba Ba, Uncle Jaron, and Aunt Tiffany were camping on the Snake River, so after dinner, Henry and I got to stay the night with them!

Henry collected sticks to help Uncle Jaron make a fire.

The fire is going!

Our last picture of the night before Mommy went home with Daddy and Brody. We had such a wonderful night of camping!

On Saturday, Daddy, Ba Ba, and Uncle Jaron went to do some ham radio in a national park. We hung out with Na Na and Aunt Tiffany for the morning. Before Mommy came to pick us up, she and Brody did some Costco shopping. Thank goodness it was only Brody because no one else would have fit in that cart!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday party at Bonkerz for our friend Douglas.

Henry played hide-and-seek with Mommy. Where could he be?

We wrapped up our weekend with a bike ride/walk.

I rode on ahead with Daddy, while Henry took his sweet time exploring everything.

Then we went for ice cream! (And apparently it’s National Ice Cream Day, so it was meant to be!)

After ice cream, we rode back to the car. Another fun week of summer!

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