Spider Convention on Spider Island

Story told by: Lainey

We are fortunate to have the Davis family in town for the summer. They used to live here, but moved to California for Eric to be a professor. However, for the next three summers, he has a research partnership with WSU, which means we get lots of time with them!

We met the Davis family at Chief Timothy Campground, which is down on the Snake River, to camp for one night. We got right to playing as soon as we arrived.

Mommy and Daddy worked on dinner first since it was getting late.


Then Eric came over to help Daddy set up the tent.

Brody was a little fussy, so I tried to crawl into the pack ‘n play to cheer him up, but he wasn’t having it.

Henry and I started beautifying the campground.

We also worked long and hard to climb this tree.

At the top!


Micah was determined to run this truck up the tree.

Elliot and Henry are both two-year-old mischief makers. Double trouble when they’re together.

Micah, Riley, and I made a booby trap in the tree to catch Elliot. (Elliot didn’t seem to enjoy playing this game.)

Micah (6 years old) and Riley (4 years old).

What a perfect sunset, or so it seems…. Little did we know that we were camping in the middle of Spider Island while a spider convention was happening. We didn’t notice this until night fall, and then there were spiders EV. ERY. WHERE.

We made the best of it, and still had a campfire, but we were battling the spiders. They were building webs on our chairs, crawling all over our camp stove, and covering our cars, tents, and storage bins in webs.

The Davis’ site wasn’t as inundated with spiders, so that’s where we did our fire. Molly had a fun idea for s’mores in a cone, so we gave it a try.


Before we came out of our tent the next morning, Daddy went out to clear off the spiders. He cleared off over a dozen giant spiders from our table. What. The. Heck?!

Once our friends were awake, we did some bike riding.

And I took this beautiful picture of Mommy and Daddy drinking their morning coffee. (As you can see from the size of her mug, Mommy needs a barrel of coffee each morning.)

After breakfast, the adults played Kubb, a fun lawn game. Molly and Eric won the first two, but Mommy and Daddy came from behind to win the last game.

We sat and cheered them on!

After the game was over, the dads started taking down the tents (with spiders coming out of every crevice, so Mommy and Molly stayed FAR away from the tents), and we played with bubbles.

After de-spidering most of our stuff, we headed over to the river to do some swimming. I’m quite the pack mule.

We had a blast swimming.

Elliot out on the raft with Molly.

After swimming, and then lunch, and then more swimming, we headed home (and found four spiders that had made the ride home with us). It really was a fun night with our friends, but that campground….NEVER AGAIN.

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