Grandma’s Spring Trip

Story told by: Lainey

Grandma had to fly home yesterday. We had such a wonderful visit with her! Here are some pictures of our fun together…



Henry came running out of the bath like the crazy kid that he is, and then slipped on the floor. Grandma came to the rescue.



We went to Bonkerz one morning.



Grandma and Henry played hide-and-seek. He always picked the trickiest hiding spots.


Grandma helped to repair my Elsa dress. It’s Henry’s favorite dress to wear, and it’s been partially destroyed.


Grandma got to come to my dance class and watch me dance.


We made birthday cupcakes.

We went to story time at the library together.

Brody kept Grandma busy by getting into everything.

We love these chunky thighs!

I opened my birthday present from Gma and Gpa, and it was a new doll! I LOVE it! I’ve been telling Henry that it’s a four-year-old doll, which means that two-year-olds can’t play with it.

Mommy gave us matching hair styles one morning.

It was rainy and cold for most of Grandma’s visit, but we had a few breaks to get outside.

We love visiting the animals at the vet.

Grandma got us several activities to entertain us on those rainy afternoons. These are some kinetic sand kits.

I’ve been really enjoying figuring out the beginning sounds/letters in words, so Grandma helped me to make name cards for the members of my family.

Grandma was here to celebrate Mommy’s birthday. On the night before her birthday, Mommy hosted a Bunco party at our house with some of her wonderful friends.

Jamie models the Bunco hat.

On the morning of her birthday, Grandma watched us while Mommy and Daddy went for a breakfast date!

We read “Green Eggs and Ham” with Grandma.

And for a special birthday lunch for Mommy, Grandma made green eggs and ham!

Mommy ended her birthday night by hosting a viewing party for the finale of “The Bachelor.” Mommy LOVES this show, and was very honored that abc chose to have the finale on her birthday. Such a fun birthday!

Before we left Pullman to drive to the Spokane airport, Grandma snuck in one more sugary treat for us at Starbucks. Thanks for a great visit Grandma! Can’t wait to go camping with you and Grandpa at the end of May!!!

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