Story told by: Lainey

Even though I enjoyed the egg hunt this morning, what I was most looking forward to was SOCCER!! I’ve been counting down the days!

I’ve had my soccer outfit chosen for days.

Evan and I are on the same team!

Mirabel is on my team as well. We tried to get a picture together before leaving her house, but Mirabel requested that she be in the background. Whatever floats your boat.

Evan and I played around with the soccer ball for a few minutes before practice started.

We started with some stretches in the middle of the field.

Dribbling the ball down the field.

Mommy took a video of us playing “Red Light, Green Light (and Yellow Light)” with the soccer balls. I’m in the middle of the line of kids, wearing a red sweatshirt.

I LOVED my first week of soccer, and I’m already asking about next Saturday. Can’t wait! (And thanks to Na Na and Ba Ba who gave me these soccer classes as one of my Christmas presents. It’s perfect!)

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