Baking, Crafting, and Sugar Skating

Story told by: Lainey

We had another day of snow! It wasn’t nearly as much as Wednesday, but just to be safe, we canceled our plans with friends and had a fun day at home together.

We haven’t done nearly enough Christmas baking, so we got to work early this morning on candy cane brownies.

Henry’s turn to mix the ingredients.

My turn. (Notice that Henry doesn’t love sharing? Story of his life.)

Now he’s happy. Mixing in the final ingredient!

Brody happily ate his cracker while we made brownies. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Time to put the brownies in the oven.

Mommy starts cleaning up, and we dutifully help by licking the spoons and spatulas.


We had to crush up the candy canes, so I got to stomping.

The finished product! While we waited for them to cool (the hardest part!), we got started on a fun craft that I picked out on Pinterest this morning.

Mommy had previously glued popsicle sticks together so we could start painting them right away. I’m making Rudolph.

Henry asked to make Olaf.

After we painted these, we had to let them dry before we moved onto the next part of the project.

Up until this point, it had been quite an idyllic, snowy morning. Brownies baking, kids crafting, and Christmas music playing. Mommy had been feeling pretty good about things, until…


We wanted to ice skate, so while Mommy was washing out the paint brushes, Henry quietly grabbed the sugar off the counter and poured it all over the family room floor.

Then we licked it off our own feet.

And then we licked it off each other’s feet.

After Mommy had a talk with us (and after we washed off our feet, changed our pants/tutus, and cleaned up the ice skating rink), it was time to test out the brownies. They were delicious!

Next we watched part of the Rudolph movie, and then came upstairs to see that our popsicle sticks had dried. Time to finish our craft!

Mommy also made a Santa to join the crew!

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