Story told by: Lainey

We woke up this morning to snow! So. Much. Snow. Schools were canceled, roads were closed, and cars were in ditches. We also canceled our plans so we could play in the snow (and so we could stay safe)!

We anxiously awaited Brody’s morning nap, and then out we went! We started by helping Mommy clear off the sidewalk.

More accurately, I helped Mommy while Henry carried his shovel around.

Henry wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about this cold weather, but I love it!

I plopped right down to make a snow angel.

Next we started building a snowman. Henry kept asking if he could climb it. He wasn’t thrilled with Mommy’s answer.

After some great teamwork, Mommy and I finished the snowman!

We did a kid-sized snowman because that’s what I wanted (and because we had a time constraint with Brody’s nap).

I named him Olaf (obviously).

Henry didn’t seem to trust Olaf.

He wanted nothing to do with him.

Mommy pulled us around the yard for a bit in the sled.

Then I took matters into my own hands.

There is the teeniest, tiniest hill on the side of our house, so I attempted to use that for sledding.

Mommy and Daddy really need to find me an actual sledding hill this year.

Putting my face in the snow entertained me for a good five minutes.

We had a blast outside! Before lunch I prayed that God would bring more snow. If the forecast is correct, then I may get what I prayed for!

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