Scarecrows, Friends, and Leaping from Furniture

Story told by: Henry

The biggest news in this house is that I get to be in a big boy bed!

This was much earlier than Mommy and Daddy were ready to move me into a toddler bed, but since I was climbing out of my crib, it was time. Yes!

Lainey is in the room with me, so we immediately demonstrated how much fun we were going to have at night. (Who has time for sleep anyway?)

Mommy and Daddy took everything out of our room (except for beds and the dresser). I have no idea why they don’t trust me with climbable shelves, rippable books, and throwable stuffed animals.

Before Mommy and Daddy had even left the room, I was out of bed. This freedom is amazing!

On my first night, I was asleep by 10 p.m. This was after lots of climbing, pounding on the door, jumping on Lainey, running around the room, throwing blankets around, and approximately 40 trips up the stairs by Mommy and Daddy. (I tried to tell them that they didn’t have to bother us, but they obviously didn’t understand.)

This was after my nap the next day. I eventually fell asleep, but not before I was climbing up my dresser and leaping off of it. This is clearly so much safer than my crib!

My favorite spot for naps is on the floor. I always make sure to have my blanket with me, though. Our nights are still rough, and I wake up crying and disoriented several times a night. I love to wake my sister up by jumping on her bed. At some point, I’ll probably calm down and start going to bed a little easier, but for now I’m going to enjoy my freedom!

Brody likes to remind me that he sleeps perfectly through the night, every night. Show off.

While I nap, Lainey and Brody often get to hang out with Mommy (since we’ve all conspired to NEVER let our naps overlap). Lainey loves holding Brody.

Good thing this guy is cute!

Mommy and Lainey have been working on name recognition, so one day they got out the play dough to spell her name.

Early in the morning before Daddy goes to work, Brody likes to help him with his Bible study.

Mommy also does Lainey’s hair early in the morning. Notice the bump of hair on the top of Lainey’s head in this picture. Mommy was going to fix it, but Lainey asked her not to because it looked like a rainbow, and Lainey, “LOVES rainbows.” So her rainbow hair got to stick around.

When Daddy gets home, we love dancing with him.

When we’re extra well-behaved, Daddy gives us a special bubble bath before bed.

We had our block party at church, but it was quite cold and rainy (which is such a welcome relief from the smoke, though). They moved the party inside, but we still went out to visit the firetruck.

I couldn’t resist (eating) the sidewalk chalk.

With the fall weather, it’s time for some fall crafts. Lainey made this scarecrow by painting her hand, and then decorating it. This girl has some crazy expressions.

We made sure to get a walk in since we don’t know if the smoke will come back. Let’s enjoy it while we can! (You can see how helpful I was on this walk.)


Like usual, this kid is happy. He’s starting to make me look bad.

Watching some Colton football. Can’t wait to be out there in 13 years!

Mommy’s friend, Darcee, came into town for the morning. Darcee got in some snuggling with Brody, and got to see lots of friends who came to the park.

Climbing with Oliver and Mya. (Mya gets lots of Lainey’s old clothes, so Mommy thinks it’s fun to have a trip down memory lane with most of Mya’s clothes.)

Dirt and a stick. Perfect.

Stella and Lainey are such good buddies.

They get each other.

Since I have no fear, I’ll just go ahead and climb on up here.

Just hangin’ with the big kids (until Mommy ruined my fun and made me get down).

I was FINALLY included in baking with Mommy and Lainey.

Oddly enough, though, I was a little nervous about the contents of the bowl. What exactly is in there?

Lainey thinks I need an apron. Na Na, what do you think?

Waiting for our loaded blonde brownies to come out of the oven!

And while we baked, Brody smiled.

And smiled.

And smiled. He sure is a good little brother.

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