Labor Day Weekend, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

We always spend Labor Day weekend with the Campbells. We typically go camping with them, but everyone agreed that camping might just put Mommy over the edge this summer. So, they came to visit us!

There was a Cougar home game against Portland State. We stayed with our babysitter, Lane, and the adults went to cheer on the Cougs!

Unfortunately it rained the entire game. Not even a little break from the rain. And the Cougs lost. To a team they were predicted to beat by 30 points. What a dreary day.

After coming home to warm up, the adults were ready to play with us when we woke up from our naps!

Addie is almost two, and she was very interested in Brody. Whenever Brody went to take a nap, Addie would wander around yelling, “Baby? Baby?”

Brody may have been a little bombarded.

Brody and Karl got lots of snuggle time in.

The bath got a little crowded with all three of us in there, but it sure was fun!

After bath that night, Henry went through two pairs of PJs due to various spills. Mommy and Daddy decided not to get him dressed until right before getting into bed. Henry decided he needed boots to complete his undressed state.

On Sunday morning we woke up and it was Victoria’s birthday!! Daddy made some delicious french toast for breakfast.

I was especially excited for her birthday! I couldn’t stop talking about it. I even put on my special birthday outfit for Victoria.

While Mommy made Victoria’s birthday pie, Daddy and Karl took us to the park.

Check out Daddy’s awesome caterpillar (made with rain-soaked sidewalk chalk).

When we got home, we played for a bit.

And hugged. There were plenty of hugs to go around this weekend!

Then it was time for Victoria to open her present from us. It is an insulated cooler she can take on picnics. I was SUPER excited to give this to her!

Then while we took naps, Karl went to get Sella’s for a special birthday lunch. (Ummmm…do you think you got enough food, Karl?!)

He also brought back coffee for Mommy and Victoria. They were just a tiny bit excited. First pumpkin spice latte of the season!

The adults also played Mexican Train. It’s a Labor Day weekend tradition! (And due to unforseen circumstances, this was the first ever unfinished game of Mexican Train.)

After we woke up from our naps, we walked to the park for 20 minutes or so before the rain started.

Addie wasn’t feelin’ it.

Karl pushed Victoria nice and high. I didn’t think mommies were supposed to be on swings, but Victoria proved me wrong!

I did the caterpillar all by myself today!

And so did Henry. You’ve got a little work to do buddy.

Once the rain started, we went home and Daddy built us an awesome fort!

It provided at least a whole ten minutes of entertainment.

Silly Victoria.

We loved playing peek-a-boo in the openings of the fort.

Since the adults were so full from their big lunch, only the kids had dinner, and then everyone went straight to pie. Victoria loves chocolate and peanut butter, so Mommy knew that a chocolate peanut butter pie was a must!

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Victoria, and then she blew out her candle. The pie was DELICIOUS!

And unfortunately here is why we didn’t get to finish Mexican Train. Poor Daddy’s stomach had been bothering him all weekend, so he finally went to the hospital on Sunday evening. They admitted him right away, and within a matter of hours, they were removing his appendix.

Thankfully it hadn’t ruptured, which means he only had to stay overnight. Thank goodness Karl and Victoria were in town because they were able to stay with us, while Mommy stayed with Daddy. Daddy came home on Monday morning, and has lots of rest in his future.

Although our weekend ended a little differently than expected, we had such a wonderful time with the Campbells. Can’t wait to see the four of you next year!! 🙂

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