Harvest Festival

Story told by: Henry

We went to check out the WSU Harvest Festival this morning.


Exploring this giant pumpkin.

DSC02175 (2)

Here is Lainey doing the same thing two years ago! She seems to have grown just a little.


My sister with the pumpkin that she just HAD to have (so of course Mom and Dad bought it for her).


There was a game that involved guessing the weight of this giant pumpkin.


Mommy guessed 76 pounds, and Daddy guessed 126 pounds. If they get the right weight, they get to take the pumpkin home. I don’t think they’ve thought this through.


Then we went through the corn maze in search of several things: a plow, an orange pumpkin, a white pumpkin, a green pumpkin, and a wheelbarrow.


We found everything but the green pumpkin. Not too shabby!


A typical family picture – my sister refusing to cooperate, and me unsure of exactly what’s happening (and the sun in my eyes).


Lainey was insistent that she didn’t want to take a hay ride on the tractor, so we sat and watched it for a bit. We were lucky to have some great weather for a fun morning!

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