Uncle Jared’s College Baseball Tournament

We went to Wisconsin on Thursday to see Uncle Jared’s baseball tournament. It was being held at Concordia University Wisconsin.


Due to heavy traffic and construction, we arrived a few innings late to the first game. Jared wasn’t pitching, but here is his team on the field (the white and blue team). He plays for Aurora University.


I spent a lot of the game running around.


I was being such a goofy girl.


And of course I had to explore everything on the ground.


Look, Grandpa! They’re playing baseball!


By the end of the game it was 50 degrees and raining pretty heavily. Not ideal baseball conditions. Jared’s team won, though, 1-0! Yay! After this we went back to the motor home to warm up and have good night of sleep.


Uncle Jared’s next game was on Friday at 4:30, and he was pitching!



Uncle Jared did a great job of pitching!


I made it through the first inning of the game. It was 43 degrees and windy, so it was much too cold for me. Mommy and I spent the rest of the game across the street in the lobby of a dorm. We were really bummed we couldn’t watch the rest of the game, but we did get to talk to some nice college students who thought I was pretty darn cute.


The team’s defense had some major errors, so despite Jared’s great pitching, they lost 5-1. He still came out after the game to give me a kiss and get a picture.


Mommy and Uncle Jared had to get a picture, too. Since Aurora University lost, they had another game about 20 minutes after this one to determine if they would stay in the tournament. Mommy and I went back to the motor home so I could go to bed. Unfortunately, they lost their second game. Bummer! Uncle Jared is only a junior, though, so he’ll have his senior year to win this tournament!

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