Water Park Fun

Story told by: Lainey

We went to the water park in Moscow today to celebrate Troy and Hailey’s birthday. It started off fairly cold and windy, but warmed up as the day went on.


Daddy spent a lot of time playing in the water with me.


I loved this play structure last year, but I wasn’t too sure about it this time. I’m much more wise than my one-year-old self.


Hailey and her daddy, Jeff, had a lot of fun.



I saw how much fun Hailey was having, so I agreed to check things out for a few minutes. I went up, took a picture, got sprayed with water, and immediately left.


I was much more comfortable down in the water!


I’m a fish. I can’t get enough of the pool!!



I didn’t want to stay in the shallow water for long, though. I begged Daddy to take me to the deep water, so I could go under water and practice my swimming. Problem is…I can’t swim yet. Daddy seemed cautious with me, but I told him that he just needs to relax.


Henry needed to take a nap, so Mommy tried pushing him around in the stroller. This is the look she got when she peeked into the stroller to see if he was asleep. Stinker.


The wind had picked up, so I was really cold. Daddy made me get out of the water to warm up a bit. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about this.


I’ll stop crying for watermelon, though.


And after fighting sleep for a LONG time, Henry finally took a nap.

20140719-185759-68279737.jpgAfter warming up, Jeff and Daddy decided to go down the water slide together. We stood at the bottom of the slide to cheer them on. They came flying out!




Then Daddy and I headed over the lazy river. This was my favorite part of the park!


I sat in Daddy’s lap while we went around and around. Daddy said that it is rare to be around me and get a chance to relax, so this was a win-win situation for both of us!


Once Henry woke up from his nap, we let him stick his toes in the water.


He did such a great job!


Next it was time for me to hold Henry, which meant putting him in slightly deeper water. That didn’t go as well.



I’m sure his reaction is only related to the cold water, and has nothing to do with the choke hold I had him in.


We had a fun day at the water park! Once we left to drive home, Henry and I were both asleep within two minutes. We loved it!

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