A Fun Day in Walla Walla

Story told by: Lainey

Mommy, Henry, and I went to Walla Walla last Thursday to meet Mommy’s friend, Haley, and her daughter, Stella. Mommy and Haley have been friends since middle school (which has been about 16 years now). Haley still lives in La Grande, so Walla Walla was kind of a nice halfway meeting point for us.


We got to the park a few minutes early, and I could barely wait to get out there and play. Mommy insisted on putting sunscreen on me, though. I wouldn’t say I was very patient with that process.


Stella and Haley arrived, and Stella had some sweet smiles for me. She looks EXACTLY like her daddy.


Stella was working hard at putting her entire fist into her mouth. Nice work, Stella.


Mommy and Haley insisted on talking for awhile, but I FINALLY convinced them to come join me on the playground.



Mommy wanted to get come cute pictures of the babies.


She managed to get one before I insisted on being in the picture as well. Why would anyone ever want a picture that I wasn’t in?!



Mommy and Haley


After we were done at the playground, we went to check out the bird zoo on the other side of the park.


He was looking at me!



After the park, we headed to get some yummy pizza! (This is my new “smile” face.)


I had a great time meeting Haley and Stella! Thanks for such a fun day!

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